Baby boomers and fast food... stay away and improve your health

I cannot imagine anything worse for your health than patronizing fast food restaurants. 

It is easy to see why we do, they have billions to spend on advertising, and some people will go to great links to avoid preparing a meal... all at the cost of your health... and your families.

"You deserve a break today", how about taking a break from fast food?

Remember these establishments are interested in profit not your health... don't you love it when someone goes and picks up a cheeseburger a large order of fries and asks for a large diet soda... let's just say I doubt very seriously if this person will be slim... more likely obese.

Baby boomers and fast food, why is it bad for you?

The billions these companies spend every year in advertising is staggering... their products are designed, in their laboratories, to appeal to your taste buds and make you want more of their product.

Your health never enters into the equation.

The marketing they aim at children is almost criminal... billions spent to make your children and grandchildren want to go and consume fast food.

Baby boomers and fast food, I'm busy I don't have time to cook

Oh really, you do not have the time to grab some raw nuts or healthy trail mix, that you can consume throughout the day.

Rather than patronize a fast food restaurant, how about a piece of fruit?

Can't you take the time to prepare lunch for yourself and your family, that you know are healthy?

Baby boomers and fast food, what choice do you have at the airport?

When we take trips rather by car, or by plane, we bring our snacks with us.

You can learn more on this page.

Anything that you purchase at an airport is going to make you pay for your lack of foresight and preparation...The same food that cost X in their normal establishments usually costs 1.5X in the airport... airport rental rates for space is not cheap, on a square foot basis is usually triple what the fast food companies pay for a normal store location.

With what the airlines are charging for onboard meals, you can really save by bringing your own food and snacks, on the plane.

Baby boomers and fast food, traveling by car

When we go on car trips there is always a cooler in the backseat.

It contains cold water, a healthy sandwich, fruit, nuts...all designed to make our only stops those for fuel and to use the bathroom.

Not only does this save us time when we travel by car, it eliminates the sleepy feeling you get, when you eat a burger and french fries with a soda.

Isn't it much more important for you and your families safety to be totally alert when you're behind the wheel?

Baby boomers and fast food, just say no

This website is all about frugal retirement living, by eliminating fast food, you get a double benefit... you are saving money and you are eating healthier.

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