Baby Boomers and rest you rustBaby Boomers and Exercise

For baby boomers, exercise is important both for how you feel and what you spend. Why?

Exercise is necessary for all folks...but especially baby boomers that are retiring or retiring soon.

Having a hefty stock portfolio doesn't do you any good if you are out of breath going to the check on your stocks.

How much exercise?...20-30 minutes a day 4 to 5 days a week of cardio exercise will payoff big can do more of course.

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It is highly recommended.

No problem

If you are interested in just feeling better and don't expect or want to look like Lance Armstrong...a brisk daily walk, maybe with friends, will do the trick.

If you can afford a gym, by all means join one, the people you see on a regular basis there, keep you motivated...really that is a big plus of gym membership.

Working out at home

This can work well...I would suggest however that whatever exercise machine you use...either watch TV or listen to music on your makes the minutes and the miles go faster.

Another benefit to baby boomers is working out at home can save you a lot of time...the travel to and from the gym is eliminated.

Caution...this works best if you are highly know if this is you.

PS...if you think Wii is working yourself some money, buy a exercise bike, stairstepper, etc...and make the best use of your exercise time.

Exercise will save you money

Those that exercise regularly will not only feel better they will spend less time at the doctor...that saves you mucho dinero on medicenes and insurance.

Baby boomers and exercise...what are you waiting for?...start today.

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