Baby boomer weight loss

Baby boomer weight loss, got a big boost from 60 Minutes on April 1, 2012.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed Dr. Robert Lustig, who is a pediatric endocrinologist at the San Francisco campus of the University of California.

To summarize the program, which should be of special interest to baby boomers as well as parents, Americans consume an average of 130 pounds per year of sugar.

This leads to type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

The link to heart disease is a fairly new assertion of the harm that sugar does to your body... But think about it, the average of 130 pounds per person equals 22 teaspoons of sugar per day.

What happens when you put a teaspoon, let alone 22 of them, in a glass of water... You get syrup. 

The sugar you ingest has a syrup like affect on the blood as well...hence it is a wonder why it is taken science so long to determine the link between excess sugar consumption and heart disease. 

The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year

The sobering conclusion drawn from the above data... Is that it means half of the population consumes more than 130 pounds year. 

130 pounds of sugar, the average daily consumption, would barely fir into this wheelbarrow

To put 130 pounds in perspective... Take a look at the average wheelbarrow have you ever tried to move 2 or 3 50 pound bags, of potting soil, fertilizer, etc. across your lawn in one trip in a wheelbarrow?

You realize that much weight in the wheelbarrow makes it very difficult to move around... Imagine ingesting that much sugar on an annual basis.

Eliminating sugar should be priority one for baby boomer weight loss.

Is it any wonder, that obesity, at all ages, is epidemic in America... The affect on blood sugar is readily known...

Now add to that, the effect that it's making your heart work harder to pump the blood...make that syrupy blood...through your system.

Other forms of sugar can be worse

It is not enough just to look for the word sugar on labels of the food that you buy... Fructose is sugar that is processed a laboratory... High fructose corn syrup, being processed, is worse for you healthwise.

So what forms of sugar are okay to consume?...more natural sugars such as honey and agave syrup (not tequila... Sorry) should be your first choices.

Always in moderation, according to the American Heart Association, a man should get no more than 150 cal a day from sugar and a woman no more than 100 cal per day from sugar.

How many teaspoons is that you ask?... Six for a woman nine for a man... Compare that to the average of 22 teaspoons consumed every day. 

Other adverse health effects of sugar consumption

There may very well be a link between excess sugar consumption and certain forms of cancer... The insulin that is released has shown to be present in the form of insulin receptors on certain tumors... The more sugar in the bloodstream the more insulin that attaches to the insulin receptors on the tumors... The tumor is nourished.

Baby boomer weight loss what should you do?

The two simplest steps in a healthy baby boomer weight loss program, or any one for that matter, would be to eliminate as much is possible sugar from your diet and processed foods.

Both sugar and processed foods, keep the liver from performing its vital task... Namely taking toxins out of our blood... If it's busy removing excess sugar or all the chemicals that are present in processed foods it cannot do its job.

Here is how to get started to lose weight and improve your health

Frugal retirement living, has the following advise, for anyone wanting to lose weight and/or improve their health... And this is something that the writer and his family have adhered to for several months. With the following results, within one month:

  • I have lost 17 pounds in a month...194 to 177
  • My wife has lost 8 pounds... 132 to 122
  • We both feel better with more energy
  • We are saving money by eating healthier food
  • My blood sugar dropped from 100 to 80

Avoid sugar and processed food by staying away from the center of the grocery store.

Think about it...The periphery of the store is where the non processed food lies...veggies, meats, dairy products.

The producers of these products want long shelf lives...they also use sugar and other additives to sell you more stuff.

What is the will get, or stay fat and unhealthy just the way they intend.

Baby boomer weight loss...2 must dos to start with

Eliminating sugar and processed foods will not only cause you to lose weight, it will improve your health as well.

Give this simple tip...stay away from the center of the store...a few weeks and see if your belly seems smaller and you feel better.

PS you will also save money on food and that is what this site is all about.

Thanks for reading baby boomer weight loss 

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