Baby Boomer Retirement Obstacles...know the problems

Baby boomer retirement obstacles seem to be many. You can still retire if...

You know exactly what and who you can count on in the coming years.

The good news is that we will soon be a larger and larger percent of the population, our political "leaders" will not ignore such a large voting block...the bad news is you should know by now that relying on politicians is not real me a cynic, but take a look at the approval ratings of Congress, the media and you should be concerned about looking out for number one.

No one else is going to...get used to it.

Playing the blame game is not productive...make sure your pity party is behind you.

The bottom line is that you are going to have to take one is going to help you...the game has changed a lot and not for the better for those wanting to enjoy retirement.

This does not mean retirement is impossible, far from it, we have been retired since 1994, learn from our experiences.

Just be open-minded, to retirement lifestyles that you may or may not have thought of before. 

The four major baby boomer retirement obstacles

In no particular order:

  • Poor investment outlook...the stock market is not performing like previous years and interest rates on savings are below one percent
  • Real estate mess, increasing home equity is not happening like it used too
  • Planning on inheriting from your folks may not be could be even worse
  • Social Security and Medicare...something has to give in the future...they are broke

The only saving grace is touching entitlement programs is the "third rail" of least currently.

What to do next?

Sorry to rain on your parade...but the above is reality. The timing for baby boomer retirement could not be worse. The first of those boomers, are now reaching "normal" retirement age of 65 in 2011. Although being retired since 1994 and being born in 1945, I am in the same boat...I want to stay retired.

For those boomers retiring in the next few years

Use the time before you retire to devise a way to supplement your income now. If you do this will retire with confidence...not with concerns over money. Here is my personal suggestion, retire online, it is working for will do the same for you.

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