Baby boomer health tips

Baby boomer health tips...all the retirement planning in the world is worthless if we don't have the good health to enjoy our retirement. 

A lot of the tips you see throughout the site apply to boomers and anyone else...a few of my favorites are eating at home and not having credit card debt both are unhealthy, one physically the other mentally.

Eating at home and having no credit card are great for your health.

Regular exercise is also important especially as we age.

Now we are very fortunate to have 2 world class exercise facilities that are for the use of the residents where we live...but anyone can walk...especially after the evening you a little more time to converse while your meal digests.

Now what is the excuse for no exercise?

Following will be a series of 15 practical, inexpensive, and simple things we can do to improve our health. 

Nothing is more depressing than to see a recent retiree not able to do the things that he or she wanted to do in retirement because of health issues... especially those issues that are easy to control. 

Frugal retirement living is not about sacrifice, and this applies to the baby boomer health tips as well, they are simple and we don't have to give up things we enjoy in order to optimize our health. 

Baby boomer health tips are simple

None of the tips that are in this series are difficult nor will they seem weird... we are not hippies that are trying to tell you you need to go live in an isolated log cabin, with all due respect Thoreau, in order to enjoy good health. 

It is nothing that is faddish or the latest magic pill that Dr. Oz or Oprah, will have on their shows. 

In fact they are so basic, you may feel they are too simplistic, they are not. 

They are common sense and will require little or no change to your current life... we will just be reminding you of very obvious steps you can take to improve your health. 

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One of the keys to healthful living well into your retirement days is prevention. By eating a well rounded diet and supplementing with a multi or woman's vitamin, you'll help ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function properly.