Baby boomer grocery shopping

If you do your grocery shopping and follow a few simple rules you can learn how to put healthier food in front of your family, and at a lower price as an added bonus. 

The first general rule, is to do your shopping on the perimeter of the store. 

If you stop and think that's where the produce, meat and fish departments, and dairy foods are located. 

You will find that if you eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet, you will be well on your way to improving not only your health but the health of your family... again saving money will be a bonus. 

Guess where products laden with sugar and processed food chemicals are located? 

Right answer... the center of the store, products that are stored and sold from a room temperature location have to include preservative chemicals to increase the shelf life of the products... and contain sugar and salt like you wouldn't believe. 

Baby boomer grocery shopping tips number one

Always use coupons when you shop, there are literally hundreds of dollars worth of savings available in your Wednesday and Sunday newspaper...never shop without them

Be on the lookout for certain days of the week where stores offer double or triple coupon value. 

For more information on how we use coupons at our house and what how my frugal wife does her shopping... I am constantly amazed at the reaction at the checkout stand from the clerk when he or she says, " everything you bought was on sale with a coupon"...Duh...

Baby boomer grocery shopping, tip number two

baby boomer grocery shopping

Always buy your staples in bulk, buying in bulk along with other tips for saving money combined with coupons you should never run out of the staple and be forced to go to the store, for something like toilet paper or toothpaste. 

What do you think the chances are of that staple at that store being at the absolute lowest price... slim to none is the answer...always be aware of the best price on staples, and stock up when you can.

So be a smart baby boomer grocery shopper and always buy in bulk at the lowest price. 

As you can tell if shaving may become obsolete one day...too bad for me...I will have to use every single can you see here.

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