Baby boomer exercise use it or lose it

Do not let this be you... you've retired but you're in such bad shape you get winded walking to the mailbox to pick up your pension check. 

Most baby boomers want to travel a lot, make sure you can enjoy it by being in good physical condition. 

Rarely does physical condition improved with age... but my back problems with golf have been alleviated for three years, knock on wood, by following a certain exercise regimen...get more details here.

Baby boomer exercise benefit number one

I find that living in an active adult retirement community helps you with motivation to get exercise, the sidewalks and streets and gyms of the community that I live in Sun City Grand , are full of residents walking, bicycling and exercising. 

That is not to say that you can't get regular exercise in your own home or in any community... it just helps with your motivation to exercise to see the same people that are on your exercise schedule. 

I go to our very well-equipped gym at 5 AM Monday through Friday... it helps to see familiar faces every day to help you stay on your exercise regimen. 

Baby boomer exercise what type

Been fortunate in having such a well-equipped gym I choose the elliptical slider with arms and then use a torso twister to loosen up my back, and then stretch before a shower. 

You may prefer to lift weights, and this is fine as well, the key thing is to do it on a regular basis. 

Baby boomer exercise leads to a fulfilling retirement

A brand-new Mercedes, parking in a handicap spot, then having to use a cane or walker to visit their stockbroker or financial planner who is handling their multimillion dollar account.

I would rather have just a Social Security pension and good health... how many times have you heard, " without your health, you cannot enjoy life"... 

Now I am sure that the gentleman or lady above is more than welcome in their investment advisor's office, it's just a shame that they're not physically able to enjoy retirement. 

Baby boomer exercise excuses

You don't have to join an expensive gym, you can walk or bicycle anywhere. 

When you say I don't have the time, that's why the best time to exercise his first thing in the morning... your metabolism and energy are at their peak, you just have to make the conscious choice to get out of bed and get moving. 

Some say they have medical conditions that preclude exercise... check with your doctor first, but I can't imagine there is anyone that will tell you that moderate exercise is not preferable to sitting in front of your television all day. 

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