Baby boomer dating

The baby boomer generation, has a lot going for it...they (we) control most, 75%, of the wealth in the US. 

However affluent the baby boomers may be there is a growing number of baby boomers that are looking for someone with whom to share their "Golden years".

More specifically 40% of all baby boomer women are single... And those baby boomer women are looking to online dating to find a partner more than ever. 

In fact the major online dating services respond that their biggest demographic increase is in baby boomers... That should not be too surprising... Facebook for instance reports the same thing... 

The number of baby boomers that are looking to the Internet for their information also look to the Internet as a source of social interaction and a place to perhaps meet a partner. 

Why online baby boomer dating services are so popular

I think the major reasons are as follows:

  • The bar scene just does not appeal to most mature people
  • They realize online dating can be just as romantic as other methods of meeting
  • The Internet expands exponentially the number of possible matches
  • When online dating is used with common sense it can be very safe

When you take the above factors into consideration... It is no wonder that the online dating industry expects to top $1 billion per year in revenue.

Who would be a good candidate for online dating?

89% of all baby boomers have at least a high school education... They are smarter and used to doing things online. 

One size certainly does not fit all... but there are common characteristics of baby boomers who will turn to online dating, some are:

  • Those with realistic expectations
  • Those that use common sense about online safety
  • Those that think a "merger" might increase their quality-of-life
  • Those that can afford a modest subscription price

The online dating process takes time... So expecting to find your next life mate the first week is not realistic... You may want to spend that much time on filling out your profile... Garbage in equals garbage out, therefore the more honest and patient you are filling out your profile the better the baby boomer dating online experience will be.

The process works

The mere fact that online dating is almost a $1 billion industry shows the success of this method of putting people if your outlook is nothing ventured nothing gained proceed prudently and you may find that baby boomer dating online will work for you. 

Oh, and by the way if you hit the jackpot and end up need a frugal is a great resource...I met the owner in a recent Google conference in Phoenix. Be happy!

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