Baby boomer brown bagging, do it the healthy way

Going to the office every day, or sending your children to school, is no excuse to stop eating properly. 

Prepare your lunch(s) at home and you will know what you and/or your family is eating. 

Heaven forbid, that you go to a fast food restaurant or even worse use a vending machine at work or at school.

Use lunch as a time of relaxation, read a book, take a walk, knowing that what you're eating is healthy and good for you. 

Baby boomer brown bagging, tip number one

Here would be a sample healthy lunch, which you can prepare at the house. 

A piece of fruit, a banana,apple perhaps, and a sandwich, made with whole grain bread... be careful not to put any mayonnaise or the like on the sandwich as it could spoil from the time you leave the house to the time you eat it at work. 

If you prepare the "brownbag", at home your taking the guesswork out of what you're going to eat at work or at school.

Going to the office is no excuse to stop eating healthy. 

Baby boomer brown bagging, tip number two

Treat all vending machines in the workplace like a poisonous viper... the only thing that I can think of that would be good for you coming out of the vending machine is bottled water... even then there's the issue of how are you going to dispose of the empty container... our landfills are full of plastic bottles. 

Anything that is wrapped has to contain chemicals to extend the shelf life of the product, combine that with the added salt and sugar, and you were consuming empty calories that do nothing for your health. 

Baby boomer brown bagging, tip number three

If you have access to a refrigerator, you can expand the variety of what you consume at work... for instance a refrigerator will allow you to store celery, hard boiled eggs, leftovers in a sealed container. 

Personally I love celery, dipped in natural nut butter... peanut, cashew, almond just to name a few... just make sure that they are not made with roasted nuts or contain any preservatives... so you have to stir it up to mix in the oil.. big deal it's good for you. 

Baby boomer brown bagging, tip number four

Baby boomer brown bagging, tip number four

Keep healthy snacks at your desk and in your car... raw nuts and raisins to name a few... keep them in a Ziploc bag, and when a hunger pain hits you you know you have the solution with you. 

Don't even think about stopping at a fast food restaurant, when you're hungry, nothing but processed foods, bad fats, sugar and salt await you... remove yourself from that temptation. 

We give out small packages of raw nuts, to folks that stand at intersections with signs like, " hungry, out of work, etc."... they may throw it away, that's fine, you are not turning your back on your fellow man. They may really just be hungry. 

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