Arkansas: Unexpected Goodies

Nearby hillside view, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Nearby hillside view, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I did a lot of research to decide where to move when I retired. My choice was Arkansas, and I know I made the right decision.

My husband and I moved to Fayetteville four years ago for a number of reasons. First, we could get great real estate deals, using the money we had from selling our home in Northern California. In fact, we were able to buy a beautiful home for ourselves, as well as two rental properties nearby that provide income for us and a place for my husband to use his fix-it skills to keep him from getting bored.

Arkansas is a very social state. We found volunteer organizations for every cause about which we cared, and each was small enough where we could actually make a difference. (Where else can you go to horseshoe-throwing fundraisers?)

The weather is better than most places in the East or Central U.S. We were spoiled with California weather – but burdened by the cost of living in California – so we needed a good option. There’s very little snow in Arkansas, compared to most other states, so that’s another plus.

Another benefit we discovered only after we moved to Arkansas is that the country’s largest employer – Wal-Mart – is based here and hires many local people. The corporate headquarters hires part-time people for a variety of administrative tasks, so I’ve been able to pick up some typing and filing jobs when I want to earn some extra money.

Arkansas is also a very pretty state, and it is very centrally-located. I visited friends in Wichita (a five-hour drive), and we took easy trips across the borders to Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. That’s not possible in California, so it’s fine traveling to other states.

We’re here to stay, y’all.

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