Arizona Slow Down

by Chuck

The Road to Arizona

The Road to Arizona

I grew up and lived most of my working life in Brooklyn, New York, and let me tell you it gets cold in winter.

It's snowing now for the third day running, not that I care since I retired to Pebble Creek in Goodyear Arizona I can't remember the last day that I even needed to wear a jacket, never mind my snow shoes!

There's lots to do here at the fitness center and out on the golf course, but my favorite thing is sitting out on the warm evenings in the fresh Arizona air.

I've not checked lately, but when we retired down here in 2006 Arizona was the fastest growing US state, mostly newcomers were retiring here, just like me. State and county taxes are good compared to some northern places with a sales tax just over 6%.

Good places to shop and take vacations are Phoenix and Yuma and my favorite place for camping is in the pine forests around Flagstaff.

Think twice about visiting Yuma in the middle of summer it can be very hot, it hit 107F a while back, but it's sunny most year round, so do what we do and go there in winter.

Overall, the best thing about retiring to Arizona is the lifestyle, there's a lot of senior communities enjoying the warm dry climate and the outdoors life.

It can often be a little slower paced than life in a big city, but then again, since I turned 65 I'm a bit slower paced myself!

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