Aladdin's Cave Gift closet

by Matthew
(Doha, Qatar)

Whenever I see possible gift items on sale I buy them, souvenirs I pick up on business trips, and stash them in my year round gift closet. In there I also have wrapping paper ( reuse if possible), reused gift bags, swank shopping bags etc that I buy on sale. I also keep in here gifts to me I dont like, keeping them a for an appropriate re gifting opportunity. I get a lot of corporate swag that I store here too.

So whenever I need a birthday gift, or hostess gift I rummage around my Aladdin's Cave. The sale item or recycled gift when wrapped in bright tissue paper and placed in a gift bag looks very costly. Corporate give aways like flashsticks, baseball caps, polo tshirts are always welcomed gifts. I also will include in the gift bags handfuls of Occident soaps and toiletries picked up at hotels I stay in.

In reality, there has been relatively small cash outlay. I have 75% of my Christmas shopping done way before December. This way I can be generous and frugal too!

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