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I hope you enjoy reading This site is dedicated to exposing retirees and potential retirees to frugal retirement lifestyles they may not have considered. Rather than offer investment advice, which I will not do, I will concentrate on showing you how to spend less, not earn more. Hope you have picked up a pointer or two! How does support itself? This content providing website depends upon advertisers; as well as companies that pay for referrals to their site. Here is a list of the companies that I will receive commissions from if you buy from them through my site:

  • International Living magazine and E books-- I personally use this product
  • EhealthInsurance--I personally use this product
  • Site sell (Solo Build It)--I personally use this product
  • have not used this product
  • personally use this product
  • Quicken loans--I personally use this product
  • Vitamin World--I personally use this product
  • PC Connection Express--I personally use this product
  • Sierra Trading Post--I personally use this product
  • personally use this product
  • have not used this product
  • Villa groups resorts-- I have not used this product

If you go direct to these companies you will pay the same as buying through my site, I will not receive a commission in that case. By buying through you can show your support for this site. In Ads by Google, these ads are not selected by; they are selected by Google based upon the content of the page. Hope this clarifies how, supports itself. If you would like to advertise on this site, please contact me. Thank you for your attention and support of this site.

Gary Pierce, Webmaster Frugal Retirement Living 

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