A Great Day In Dallas

by Rina
(Dallas, TX)

Dallas is in my opinion one of America's greatest cities. The train rides are a perfect way to get into the city.

They are comfortable and the people are very hospitable. Once you're in Dallas the fun starts. There's plenty of restaurants downtown. It's good to start the day at a nice restaurant in Dallas. After a good meal I would suggest a visit to the Galleria mall.

There's an ice skating rink right in the middle of the mall, and if you plan on staying in Dallas for a while there's The Westin Galleria Hotel in the mall also.

If your interested in animals then go to the Aquarium. It's a lot cheaper if you can find Dallas World Aquarium coupons.

You'll get to see marine animals from every part of the world. The Dallas Zoo would also be a nice place to go if your interested in animals or if your with your kid/s. Kids love the zoo and it's fun for the whole family.

Speaking of fun for the whole family, one of the best things to do in Dallas is wait for it to get dark out and watch Downtown Dallas light up. All the buildings and even trees have lights all around them making the city light up. You can then walk around the city visiting the various stores, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Also on corners and intersections you can find people doing entertaining things such as painting elaborate pictures, playing music, dancing, and other crazy fun stuff. That would then conclude a great day in the city of Dallas.

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