Solo Build It training

When I say the information that Solo Build It training is overwhelming at first... I am not kidding. You will have access to hundreds of hours of video training... These are very professionally done and literally lead you by the hand from A-Z.

It will seem at times like trying to drink from a firehose...there is that much stuff to absorb

When I started, I used a combination of video training, and printing out the extensive Action Guide... Go buy yourself several three ring binders, a dozen highlighters...I would estimate that the Action Guide alone is over 300 pages...I think that qualifies the Action Guide to be referred to as a...tome...

I found that it helped to refer back and forth from the videos to the manual  combine visual and oral learning and it helped does require a bit of patience due to the size of the manual but it will payoff.

Remember to keep track of the cost of paper and toner at tax time.

That is just for starters... There is the 119 page manual entitled "Make your content presell"... This will teach you how to write effective copy in a way that will give your pages high rankings in the search engines.

The 69 page manual entitled "Make your links work"... Will show you the right way to build back links to your site... Don't have a clue as to what a back link is... Don't worry about it they will show you all you need to know.

In addition I have printed out and read Solo Build It manuals on content 2.0 (how to get others to write content for you), how to run an online store ( this does not apply, yet, years truly), the TAO of Site Build It ( the hands-on owner of Site Build It is Dr. Ken Evoy, a Canadian medical doctor, this is a how to succeed manual from him to you using Site Build It).

Solo Build It training conclusion

If you follow the training, watch the videos, read the manuals, visit the forums... It is virtually impossible to fail with Solo Build It. The training is clear and professional ... You supply the brains and motivation (BAM)...Solo Build It does the rest... It is the real deal. 

Retire with Solo Build It

Retire to the Internet

Solo Build It training will help you retire

Questions?...Get them answered fast

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