RVs new or used

If you can afford a new RV, you may be on the wrong site...there is no way to escape the great amount of depreciation that occurs in the first three years of new RV ownership.

Here is an outstanding example of an RV that cost over $400,000 new... that has an current asking price of less than $75,000.

We are unabashed fans of this particular brand, Foretravel... they are made in Nacogdoches, Texas...for more info on this particular coach...say hi to David Robertson, he is a great guy.

RVs new or used, gas or diesel

If you stop and think about it... what kind of engines do you see in semi trucks?

No big surprise, they are almost 100% diesel engines... a gas engine has more pickup, a diesel engine has more torque.

Diesel engines also are designed to go several hundred thousand miles between overhauls... This can mean tremendous savings for you the RV buyer.

Here is the motorhome we lived in for six years, I bought it with 99,000 miles on the odometer... we put another 43,000 miles on the coach during our ownership... I never spent a penny on the engine, the transmission, the generator, etc...

An update we just bought another coach like the above with 153,000 miles on the odometer.

Here is a warning to the new diesel owner... you will be in for a shock at your first oil change... a diesel engine uses around 25 quarts of oil... a gas engine four times less.

Rvs new or used,the case for buying a used RV

If you are considering frugal RV retirement, let the first owner of the RV, absorb the 50% depreciation that occurs in the first three years of RV ownership...

Do as I did and do not let high mileage, especially with a diesel engine, concern you.

If you are the type of frugal shopper like I am, I would rather have a used Mercedes than a new car...

Give me the quality of a known brand any day... as I write this there are 260,000 miles on my 1999 Lexus RX300.

I would rather pay for maintenance and new tires any day, rather than have a car payment.

You can experience the same savings by buying a high quality used RV. 

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