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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #006
November 22, 2009
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #06, November 2009

Us enjoying frugal and fun retirement living, you can too

Greetings from frugal retiring time flies. You are among over 400 subscribers who have enjoyed the first 5 issues of this ezine. We appreciate your support.

Hopefully you have gleaned some nuggets that has enabled you to cut spending; retire early; obtain frugal shopping ideas ; or some combination of the above.

Thanks for the comments as well, it is the only way we have to know if is meeting your needs for cheap retirement options.

We need to hear how we can serve you better as let us hear from us.

We practice what we preach everyday

As I write this my better half is at Goodwill where this day is always dollar day. She is wearing a top by Liz Claiborne and jeans by DKNY cost $2.00, who says it costs a lot to wear designer clothes.

When not buying for us she picks up items for mission trips to Mexico. There is a big need for clothing among the less fortunate, both here and abroad, that can be filled efficiently by buying on sale.

Helping others is a good thing for many reasons, by stretching your donation dollar more folks can be helped. Even retirees living frugally can always find a way to help others in need.

It is Thanksgiving next week...time for some turkey. Safeway has turkey on sale for $0.37 a lb, so my better half has 2 turkeys in the freezer. That will make many meals...sandwiches, a soup from the carcass. Take advantage when bargains like this pop up.

This site's health

It is especially encouraging to your writer to see this site's popularity increase, as of this AM is ranked 137,017 of all website sites in the US...not bad considering the number of websites in the US is over 100,000,000 and growing every day.

Not bad for a site that started in March 2009. I owe it all to SBI. If I can do it so can you if you are interested in how I did it go to this page.

That tells us that folks are interested in learning more about frugal retirement options, I think the reasons are many:

1) Folks are becoming more self reliant...40 years ago when I first took a corporate job, you picked a company and hired on, you expected to be taken care of and enjoy a nice retirement starting at 65.

The company I started with is no more and the PBGC (A government agency that gaurantees pensions) now sends me a monthly check...for $2.97 a month. So much for corporate loyalty and cradle to grave security.

2) Out of necessity folks are taking charge of their own destiny and exploring retirement options their parents did not choose.

RVing, living on a sailboat, park model living and retiring overseas are all options we embrace now...and these are options that are a lot of fun to boot. We are making lemonade from the lemons we have been dealt.

3) After the collapse in 2008 folks are going to be more cautious in the future. Frugal retirement living will not be a passing fad...if it happened once it can happen again.

Folks will not revert to their spending habits of a year ago, but will be more budget minded in the future.

If we don't learn from the recent past it will be a shame...I am confident you will not be among those who did not learn.

Like to earn $20?...special offer to subscribers

I appreciate you taking the time to subscribe to Frugal Retiring News.

You have seen on site the opportunity for you to submit your frugal story. Go here to do so.

I would like to give you the opportunity to share your favorite frugal retirement story with everyone. For the best submission each month made by a subscriber,I will send you $20.

This payment incentive is open only to subscribers, so let's hear from you. If you would a sample of what we are looking for go to here or here. Thanks and good luck.

Credit card rate hikes

It is something that would make the loan sharks blush...the rates now being charged on credit card balances. If this isn't enough motivation to get rid of credit card debt, I don't know what it will take. Some big companies are charging 30% and I think that is criminal.

But this also says these companies think the market will bear such fees. If you are among those that are affected by this do whatever it takes to clear up those accounts.

I state very clearly that no investment tips will be given on this site. However, if you have credit card debt subject to 30% interest rates and have a savings account that is earning no more than 3%...use your savings to reduce or eliminate this debt and chop up your credit cards. You will not incur and therefore save the difference in what you pay on credit card debt and what your savings earn.

Credit cards used to buy things you can not afford, i.e. cannot pay off each month, is the number one killer of retirement dreams, frugal or otherwise. I trust this is not you, if it could help some one you know please forward this info.

Mexican real estate is a bargain now

On a recent trip south of the border we were surprised to see the exchange rate of 13 pesos to the dollar.

A year ago this was closer to 10 pesos to the dollar.

This is a great opportunity for those soon retiring in Mexico.

It is much cheaper living than the US without the currency exchange rate.

However, this essentially means you can buy real estate in Mexico for a 30% discount.

If you have a modest equity in your US home you may be surprised at what a house/condo in Mexico would cost.

It is something to check out.

Check up on your Health Insurance

No matter what comes out of Congress, you should check the market periodically to make sure you are not overpaying for health insurance.

Here is the only way for you to check without the hassle of a salesperson calling you on the phone will save money

I have used this free service for 9 years now and can not recommend it highly enough for you.

In closing...Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks again for your support of Frugal Retiring News. I would like to hear from you on what you would like to hear discussed on site.

Please , please, please let me know if you encounter a problem with any parts of the site.

I have recently found that some Internet Explorer users experience difficulty in loading pages. If this is you please drop me a note at Let me know...please

If you would like to share with everyone, and a chance to win $20 make a submission at your story.

Otherwise use the contact us page above.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... we all have lots to be thankful for as 2009 comes to a close.

God Bless,


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