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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #005
October 22, 2009
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #05, October 2009

Shadowtime at anchor, fine frugal living

As issue number 5 rolls off the press…our more astute readers will have noticed that this reporter is no longer 63 and been retired for 14 years …both have been corrected to the current 15 years of retirement and age 64.

Another birthday and one more year to Medicare.

Thanks to those of you who take the time to write and give words of encouragement. I make every effort to respond to emails within a day of receipt.

I have received several emails from folks that want to know if they have enough money to retire. That is not the objective of this site.

Sorry, the purpose of the site is to show you ways to reduce living expenses. It is up to you to determine if enough is enough. See for more on how much to retire.

I get a common question about where exactly in Florida or Colorado should I retire. I usually respond like…wherever you feel the most comfortable, etc.

Point being I am trying to provide general information about each state. I can not be an expert on every city talked about on site. Even in Arizona I am not an expert on Tucson, Flagstaff or Green Valley. I live in the Phoenix area and can provide you with up to date info in this area.

Here is where I need your help. I need you to share your stories about the town, state or country that you think is the best for frugal retirement.

You have seen these boxes at the bottom of the website. They ask you to tell your story about your favorite place, story on retiring early, or tip on how you save money.

Here is the main page to submit your stories.

Our first submitted frugal place to retire Belloram, Newfoundland

Someone always has to be first in anything. Thanks go out to Rhys Toogood of England who tells of his finding a home in Belloram, Newfoundland. It was very cheap to purchase...and the view...well take a look at the above picture. Not bad, a little too cold for my blood but maybe not for you.

Here are the links to Rhys 3 pages:

Frugal living in Newfounland
Newfoundland houses and title laws
newfoundland history and Rhys' welcome there

Get the idea? Write and share your stories. Great if you have pictures but not necessary. Don’t feel you know how to rite…Are you paying attention?…no problem, if I can write so can you. Just be yourself.

They do not need to be as long and detailed as Rhys’s , it is great if they are, but not necessary.

Thanks to Patricia who shared on how she saves on vacation…key tip I got was always have a kitchenette where you stay. You can really save by preparing simple meals in the room.

Here is Patricia's story

And also thanks to Will, who writes about his RV and sailing adventures at:

Full Time RVing Canadian Style

You three are the pioneers and your input is appreciated. Now how about the rest of you getting with it and building your own page on site?

You can tell all your friends that you are now live on the internet. Ask them to type in your page and…well they will be impressed, IMHO.

My friends story

On vacation last month we stayed with some friends in the wine country in Sonoma County. He is a retired police officer and stated they paid $864 a month for health insurance through the state…PERS is the program.

In less than a minute we found a policy with policies starting at $410 a month. To say they were upset is an understatement. But they will be saving a lot in the future.

This free site that gives you a hundred quotes without giving your phone number Is:

This gets our highest reccomendation.

That is all for know folks...until we talk around turkey time...keep on being frugal...stay retired...and share your stories with others.

You just might be all the encouragement someone needs to enjoy frugal retirement living.

God Bless,


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