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Frugal Retiring News, December 2011
December 22, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Dec 2011

Merry Christmas from frugal retirement living

Merry Christmas to everyone... And may 2012 be a year to be enjoyed in good health for you and your family.

Christmas is a wonderful time to focus on what really is important... And that is your family and friends...amidst all the turmoil and uncertainty in the country observing a holiday like Christmas, or Hanukkah, is a welcome respite.

Let's collectively hope that things will improve for everyone in 2012.

Frugal tip of the month

For most of probably already bought a Christmas tree... This tip will work year-round however and it's something that you should add to your frugal retirement living arsenal.

Since it is close and we enjoy shopping there, my bride picked up the tree at Lowe's... Two days before she went shopping there, she noticed the local nursery had a $10 off coupon on any Christmas tree in stock.

She chose the tree you see in the above picture... And presented the $10 coupon at checkout and asked the clerk to honor it... You know the rest... She got the tree that she wanted, where she wanted at Lowe's, less $10.

Any time that you see a coupon... Even if it's from an outlet or store that you have no intention of patronizing...keep the coupon.

Many retailers have a policy that they will match a competitor's coupon... It never hurts to ask... All they can do is say no.

Frugal retirement living philosophy

As most readers know we first retired in 1994 to live on a sailboat for eight years in the Caribbean...the list of family and friends and professional associates that said we were out of our mind was lengthy at best.

Our philosophy at the time was...that the worst thing that could happen to us would be that we would have to return to work...

I would encourage readers to perhaps look at your retirement in the same manner... The worst that can happen to you is if things don't go the way you want them to go is you have to return to work.

So in asking a merchant to match a competitor's coupon...the worst they can say is no.

Retire early... The worst that could happen would be that you have to return to work.

This philosophy applies to a lot of things... So if you've always wanted to operate a bed and breakfast in the mountains... Or see all of the USA's beautiful national parks in an RV... Remember to ask yourself what's the worst that could happen to us if it doesn't work out?

Have anything on your mind in 2012?

Park model living

Of all the frugal retirement living lifestyles we talk about on site... Park model living is the only lifestyle that we have not tried personally.

We rely on very good friends that do enjoy this lifestyle to keep our information on this very frugal way of living updated.

Last weekend we visited them for dinner...they have lived in their Park model now for three winters... They split their time between Oregon where they have a beautiful home, that they partially built themselves, on five heavily wooded acres...(my estimate is that it's worth around $600,000).

They spent $15,000 on their Park model and enjoy the time that they spend in Arizona just as much as the time they spend in Oregon.

They make a point that we all should keep an open mind when we are considering making housing choices... Sometimes less really is more.

A recent poll of baby boomers...stated that only 7% of baby boomers are considering downsizing when they retire... The other 93% are missing a great chance to retire if their funds they can devote toward retirement housing is limited.

After dinner we walked around and visited several open houses in the Park... I have a few pictures that you may find interesting.

What $10,000 can buy you right now in Arizona

Here is a Park model that is 30 years is for sale for $6900, fully furnished... One of the spouses died and the widow is selling the unit as is... This is not an isolated case...

I make the assumption that if you took $3100 and spent that on new paint, flooring ( what my friends did when they bought their unit spending about $700) and bought some new appliances and or furniture.. You have a place that you would be proud to call home.

This is what the same place looks like inside.

We also looked at brand-new Park models that cost $60,000... The newer models have vaulted ceilings and seem less confining than the older models.

Parks are also giving incentives to people buying used or new models and their parks... For instance a new home will come with two years free rent... The monthly rent at this particular Park is $425 a month... Utilities run our friends another hundred dollars a month.

For less than $25,000 you can get a home under 10 years old... High ceilings... Storage sheds or Arizona rooms already built-in.

My first e-book is coming

I have just completed an e-book... How to avoid the five biggest mistakes when planning retirement...

I will be giving it away free in exchange for a like on Facebook and an e-mail address...(which you folks have already given me)

I will send you the details when it's ready.

It seems that they wave of the future is to provide information via e-mail... It provides fresher more up-to-date information on a regular basis.

My site is not going anywhere... And you will continue to get these newsletters just as before on a monthly basis.

This new strategy will hopefully result in increased traffic to the site and expose more and more people to the ideas that we discuss at

This is prompted by the fact that the huge multimillion dollar financial companies dominate the search engines when people are looking for retirement information... All they get, until they find this site, is investment information...each company of course saying their products are better than the other ones.

I am still a very big Site Build It fan

Knowing that I started this site with absolutely zero knowledge of the Internet... And making the site a success... I have to give credit to Site Build It... I provide the content... They provide all the technical stuff that I don't have to worry about.

Trying to get online without a partner such as Site Build It... Makes the outcome, failure, almost inevitable... There is just too much to learn... And that's the beauty of Site Build It... You don't have to learn the nuts and bolts... Just provide the content.

It is been a year now that they have increased their money back guarantee from 30 days to 90 days... Absolutely unheard of for online businesses... They are that confident that they can help you get started online... If they can help a dummy like me... They can certainly help you.

Here's where to go for information ...Here is the page on site.

In closing

Merry Christmas to everyone... Let us hope that 2012 will be a better year for all of us enjoyed in wonderful health.

Stay frugal... God bless,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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