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Frugal Retiring News, November 2011
November 23, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Nov 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you

Hope this Thanksgiving holiday finds all of you well... And living frugally... We certainly feel blessed especially at this time of the year and we would like to thank all of our faithful readers for their encouragement and appreciation for our site.

Medicare deadlines

For those of you who are 65 or over... Like years truly... Remember that you have until December 7 to change your Medicare plans and options... It's always a good thing to take the time to review the plan that you have and see if there's something better for you in the marketplace.

The place to start is The governments website on Medicare.

After being on Medicare Advantage for one year, I chose the AARP Medicare complete plan...(about the only thing I like about AARP) again for my coverage in 2012. What is good for me may not be good for you and I urge you to take the time to go over your options prior to December 7.

The changes in my personal plan are $15 a month less taken out of my Social Security check... Visits to my primary care doctor going from $15 to$5... To see a specialist has gone up from $35 to $40... And an outpatient surgical procedure has gone from $175 to 20% of what Medicare does not cover.

That last item is the only one that causes me any angst... Just try and get an estimate prior to a procedure from either Medicare or United healthcare which administers the AARP program... Think root canal with a no Novocain.

Julie's free turkey

For those of you who remember our newsletter from last November this will be old hat... For the rest of you you might want to listen up.

Safeway had a deal going this week... free Turkey for $100 worth of purchases... The turkey above cost $16.95... Julie paid zero... she picked up gift cards totaling $100 from places like Target and Walmart, that she gives out for Christmas presents.

It doesn't stop there, she also gets $15 off on her next purchase of $50 or more...

I think this qualifies quite well as the frugal tip of the month...

Refinance your home

We refinanced our home for the third time in 18 months... We are saving more than $200 a month in mortgage payments.

I have said before this is probably the most painless way that you can save money in today's economy...

Is not too late to check it out... Here's the link to Quicken who I recommend using...Here is the page on site

Give an early Christmas present to yourself.

More bad news for baby boomers

To stay on top on what current news articles are being written about various subjects I sign up for something called Google alerts. It's a free service and you may want to try it out for whatever your particular interests are.

My Google alerts are for retirement, frugal living, and baby boomers.

In November it seems like the average articles written about baby boomers is around 4 to 6 articles per day...

They all have a very similar theme... Retirement is not what it used to be... Boomers think they can't retire... Baby boomers are planning on working longer or continuing to work in "retirement".

All of these articles seem to be written by financial planners or by the financial editor of the various newspapers and magazines... I have yet to see any articles about spending less... These articles are about, the "fact" that there is not enough money for folks to retire.

It is very frustrating to me that people do not seem to be taking a look at less expensive ways to retire... Like the lifestyles that we have enjoyed for the last 17 years... Trust me it beats working.

If you agree please forward this newsletter to your friends and family... Tell them about frugal retirement living... It may give them some hope about retirement.

Your submissions

Keep those submissions coming... I try and answer all e-mails within 24 hours.

I would especially encourage you to submit your own stories, with pictures please, of whatever frugal tip you would like to pass along... Or why you think your place that you retired is the best... So submit your stories here .

Of course with over 1200 subscribers to frugal retiring news I can't seem to please everyone... Nor will I try... One disgruntled reader accused me of having a liberal agenda. ME...A liberal?

My golfing buddies got quite a kick out of that one.

Several of you write each month, about how to get started with a website like I did two an a half years answer is always the same... Want to know how I do it? .

The longer I am in an Internet business I never cease to be amazed at the various ways people make money online. The variety of interests that have turned into successful businesses seems to be unending.

So if you know how to knit, if you know how to cook, if you know how to do woodworking projects, handyman projects... Or know how to keep your canary happy... There are people looking for that information... And people are making money, like yours truly, simply by providing them the information that they're looking for...

Getting started in an online business is appropriate at any is something that will always belong to you.

In closing

So we wish you a wonderful holiday season... With safe travel... And wonderful family memories.

The gym will be open on Friday morning for those of you, like me, that will overindulge on turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy... But that's what makes it a holiday.

Stay frugal... God bless,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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