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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #003
August 22, 2009
Hello <>,

Frugal Retiring News Issue #03, August 2009

Greetings from Sunriver, Oregon. It is a bit cooler, 39 at 6AM, here than in Phoenix. We are enjoying our visit with old church buddies here.

The couple we will be visiting in Oregon are our buds who bought a Park Model in Mesa AZ last November. Everybody is living frugal!

The recession

I see signs all around the country of the effects of the recession that we are experiencing. If you are not one of the 10% that is unemployed I am hopeful that there is a big silver lining in these dark clouds.

People have a more serious look about them. Retail sales are down 8% from a year ago. Folks are holding onto their money, they are trying to save.

If we continue these frugal habits when the recession is over, and it will be over, it will be a good thing as people fend more for themselves, and rely less on things they really cannot control.

National Health Insurance Plan

The national health care debate is a reality, here in Oregon, and not just on the evening news. People are confused and as an ex learn in Sales 101 that a confused client never buys.

I was/am looking forward to being on Medicare in a year. We have had nothing but catastrophic insurance for 14 years. We have annual physicals but generally take care of ourselves by exercising and eating right.

My point is this there is so much uncertainty over what this new Government insurance plan is all about. One thing is clear is that they have a goal of the public option covering everyone eventually.

You can keep your current policy that is a given. Here's the catch, if you ever change from that policy your only option will be the govt plan. So once this new plan is in effect you will not have the option of buying private insurance...I don't like this one bit.

Therefore if you are not covered by a private plan before this new govt plan is in effect, you will have no options for health care.

If you don't have a private policy I would run to how to get cheap health insurance ...its free, and you don't have to give your phone number to get over a 100 quotes. It's a no brainer...I would hurry.

Well it is hard to believe that frugal retirement living has 80 pages up on site. if you are having trouble finding all the pages go to site map on site all the pages are there.

Some of the favorite notes I have received this last month:

• How can I work online and stay retired?

• Where do you store your stuff if you RV or sail?

• Thanks for the push we need to retire

• Thanks for tips on buying a worked!

• Why did you choose an Island Packet boat?

• Is that furnished park model for $12,500 really nice?

• You are so right about jealousy in retiring early.

Please keep the comments coming, I make every effort to respond in a few days to all inquiries. I find them most encouraging and it keeps me going.

The site is ranking very well, top 1 % of all websites, not bad for starting in March 2009. Thanks Site Build It. This is the answer for those that want to earn while on the road...or water...or overseas.

If you are interested I have 67 articles published on ezine articles. Here are the links:

Gary P Pierce


Gary Pierce

Don't ask me why I have 2 author names one with a middle initial one without.

Products we use…you should too

In order to subsidize the time I spend on this site I have just started to talk about issues that we all face. I started with a biggie…health…no health you won’t enjoy retirement frugal or otherwise. Despite my disdain for insurance, it is a necessary evil, it would doubly irritate me if I spent more than I had to on what I do have.

Ehealth Insurance is what I recommend you try for health insurance, we have used it for 8 years, and as I said above we reapplied and I am saving $684 a year on our policy.

You will also like that they do not ask for your phone number. It really is a free, no brainer way to check and see if you are paying too much for health insurance.

I will be making other product recommendations on items we personally use that will be of benefit to you. Some things we gotta have, but we don’t have to overpay a penny.

I just wrote a page on how not to get taken when buying a car. Thanks for all the comments...buying a car is a big purchase and there are many pitfalls to be avoided. Bill, you are welcome! Way to go!

So please let me hear from you, I enjoy your feedback.

Issue number #4 will be sent from Arizona, the good Lord willing.

Enjoy, be frugal and have fun!

God Bless,


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