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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #028
September 23, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #28, Sept 2011

Opportunity is knocking... But it is up to us to take action and answer the door.

The next 14 months, until the 2012 election, in my humble opinion, can be either miserable or fruitful depending on the action we take or don't take.

If you are planning on Washington getting anything done in the next 14 will be sadly disappointed.

No matter what your political affiliation, or who you feel the current economic mess can be blamed on... It is not going to get fixed by Washington... It is going to be up to you to do the fixing for your family.

We can rant and rave all we want... After you finished doing so... Take action for your family.

In case you missed it here's the link of a page I put up a week on the importance of self-reliance...please take the time to read it if you haven't already.

Be self-reliant

Frugal Retiring News subscribers on their way to Mexico

Last week, I had a pleasant surprise... An original subscriber to Frugal Retiring News... Was on his way to their winter home in Mexico and driving through Surprise, Arizona.

We met over at his hotel, a few miles from my house...I came by golf cart, parked next to his car.

We had a very pleasant talk about frugal retirement living...and how his grandfather taught him that no debt was imperative for real freedom.

We were preaching to the choir to each other... I had a lot of questions about where he was headed in Mexico... Here is the page I put up about Kino Bay.

He has driven, safely and without incident, many many times from his home in Reno to Kino Bay. Kino Bay is a six-hour drive from the US-Mexico border... There is a map showing the exact location in the page above.

The Park model mentioned on site, fully furnished 200 feet from the beach, has been sold... $24,000 fully furnished.

If anyone knows where they can buy a fully furnished home 200 feet from the beach in the United States... A warm beach... Please let me know.

Sean and his wife Lorraine, reached Kino Bay, safely...

I point this out to restate that what you might hear on television is that Mexico is a war zone... It is simply not true.

Sean and Lorraine are living proof that frugal retirement living is alive and well in Mexico.

Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico

This is worth repeating

If the latest roller coaster ride in the stock market has not got your attention...down 675 points in the last two days...I do not know what will...

Please, please develop a way of generating income that is solely reliant on YOU, and YOU alone.

There is no security like knowing that if the worst happens I will still have my business (in my case this site) that I can run anytime can too.

I thank those that responded to do doing what I will not be sorry...with the 90 day money back guarantee it is a no brainer.

I got some great questions about a website business:

"Can I make money, with a site about....?"...answer...yes.

"How much time does it take...?" depends on you

"Is the 90 day guarantee for real?"...answer...emphatic yes.

"How do you make money?"...advertising revenue

"Do you get the help you need?"...yes

"Is it easy?"... Nothing in life worth obtaining is easy

"Can a novice do it?"... I did, and I was a novice's novice

A page with links to several YouTube videos of me explaining how I started my website

I am asking a favor

For those of you that use social media... Facebook, Google plus, Linked In... I would appreciate you sending a link to the homepage or your favorite page from to all your friends...

Send it to all of your friends... Circles... Contacts...

If you don't use social media...I am definitely a neophyte...please send a link to your e-mail address book.

If you do this please drop me a note... I can write you back and thank you

Now more than ever people need to know that they have lower-cost options for retirement...

Remember our mission statement..."Encouraging people to retire and enjoy themselves"...


I enjoy getting comments from you the I have said one ever said thanks for what you do when I was "really working".

I get one like this almost every month...

"For years I have looked on and off for a website that addressed my retirement concerns in a practical manner. I have finally found it here. Thank you."

The reason for the above comment, is that most sites online concerning retirement, are all about financial advice... Not on how to spend less in retirement

Most visited pages on Frugal Retirement Living

In case you are curious about what are the most visited pages on site... Here they are...

number one

number two, with a zillion links to other money-saving pages

number three

number four

number five...another page with a ton of links

Why don't you forward your favorites to your friends... Do not forget my request to send a link to frugal retirement living to your friends on Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn... I appreciate it.

Final thoughts

For those that say my pessimism about the sad state of our economy is not true... You will receive no apologies from me... I am not providing a worthwhile service unless I point out the need for self-reliance now more than ever...

Stay frugal and stay healthy.

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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