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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #027
August 22, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #27, August 2011

Frugal ones...greetings from Central is nice to be able to sleep with the windows open...twas 39 the other day...yes that is Fahrenheit.

Hope this finds you well and healthy...and living frugal.

The importance of you owning a business

If the latest roller coaster ride in the stock market has not got your attention...I do not know what will...

Please, please develop a way of generating income that is solely reliant on YOU, and YOU alone.

There is no security like knowing that if the worst happens I will still have my business (in my case this site) that I can run anytime can too.

I thank those that responded to do doing what I will not be sorry...with the 90 day money back guarantee it is a no brainer.

For those that missed the special mailing here is the link to the first page...How I built my site.

I got some great questions about a website business:

"Can I make money, with a site about....?"...answer...Yup.

"How much time does it take...?" depends on

"Is the 90 day guarantee for real?"...answer...Yup.

"How do you make money?" would be surprised

"Do you get the help you need?"...Yup and more

Frugal tip of the month

While visiting our friends in Oregon...we noticed Judy cutting Doug's hair...what a great idea...especially for men with buzz cuts.

Some barber shops charge $25 for one haircut...guess how much a good haircutting kit costs?? guessed it.

Check it out.

For the ladies...Supercuts is Judy's choice at $6.99...with coupon of course.

Sailboat cruising update

At our friends house last week...we had dinner with a young, 27 year old, fellow who had just (May to June 2011) sailed his boat...a Bristol 29.9 pictured above...from Lake Superior to The British Virgin Islands.

It sure brought back memories...

We found out that his boat cost $20, there is an up to date example of how frugal this fun lifestyle can be.

The boat in question is a very solid safe boat with fiberglass much thicker than they use may slow you down...but it will get you where you want to go.

Jimmy Buffett fans ....what are you waiting for?

Comments this month

I enjoy getting comments from you the I have said one ever said thanks for what you do when I was "really working".

Knowing that I am helping some of you make informed decisions about retirement is very gratifying.

Jane wrote..."...those sites are all about selling me something, you give me practical advice and encouragement"...hmmm, never got those when I closed an office lease...

Final thoughts

OK, I can't stand it I caught the biggest trout in my life last Friday...that is 27" and 9lbs (est) of rainbow trout...took 15 minutes to land...and no I don't eat them...this big fellow was revived and swam away after this picture.

The next issue will be from a somewhat warmer clime...Lord willing.

Stay frugal and stay healthy.

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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