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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #026
July 22, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #26, July 2011

It will be a lot cooler at Benham Falls south of Bend Oregon...where we are headed for our summer vacation.

No one ever questions your sanity when you live in the Phoenix Arizona area during the winter months... However, some would say that we are nuts for staying year-round when the mercury rarely gets below 110 as a high.

Looks like we have a lot of company this summer with it being so hot throughout the country.

Hope this newsletter finds you well, and that you are planning, or have already gone on one, a summer vacation.

Here's a few pages to pick up some tips for saving on vacation

Social Security debate??

I'll add my two cents worth to the bloodsport known as national politics as it concerns raising the debt limit... And how it affects baby boomers and current retirees.

As far as Social Security goes, when Social Security started in 1936 the average life expectancy was 61... And the Social Security retirement age was 65.

Fast forward to today, the life expectancy is 75 for men 80 for women... And you can take Social Security as early as 62.

It does not take a genius to figure that retirement age needs to be raised...having said that I do not think that anyone over 50 years old right now will be affected... No politician is willing to anger such a large voting block as baby boomers and current retirees.

Also remember that the unemployment rate was 25% in 1936... Part of the justification for Social Security was to encourage older workers to retire to free up jobs the younger workers that were part of the 25% unemployment.

As far as spending goes...every American's, regardless of age, share of the national debt is $42,000. Only the federal government can spend more than it earns and deem things normal.

Enough, you get enough of this on the nightly news.

Use a Mexican dentist

I have had a lot comments, all positive, concerning our using a Mexican dentist.

Here is the page on site

Last week my wife and I made the trip where she had her front 6 teeth crowned... We stayed overnight in Yuma... The work was top notch and cost us $1320... It would've been very close to $6000 in the states.

Why did we have it done? Several years ago, she took Accutane, for acne... This resulted in a greying in her teeth.

If we had to drive across the border the hassle might have offset the savings... Even in the summer, it can take a car, up to several hours to get through the customs and immigration... And that's a good thing... We were very impressed with the border security, we saw dogs every day sniffing all the cars.

Going to an Algodones Dentist is painless since you park at the border, and walk across. No delay whatsoever, for pedestrians...not so in the wintertime with all the part-time visitors to Arizona... We schedule our trips to Algodones in the hot weather months.

Here is Dr. Geraldo Castillo, or Dr. Jerry...he is on left and his brother Roy, also a dentist is on the right.

I want to make it clear that although I recommend Dr. Jerry very highly... I receive no referral fees or discounts for his services.

Anyone walking in off the street, would pay $220 a crown, just like I did.

While in the waiting room were talking to a couple that had been coming to see him for 14 years... The year he started his practice... We both swapped stories of how many people we have referred and how happy they were with the service.

This is not a blanket endorsement of all dentists in Algodones... Probably half of them are mediocre.

Just like any other town in Mexico... You will be approached by people selling stuff and pointing you to dentists, pharmacies, and optical shops... Businesses that resort to such advertising should tell you something about those businesses.

Dr. Jerry does no advertising whatsoever... Use the contacts on the page above to get in touch with him.

Our frugal tip of the month

Being frugal does not mean you have to forgo all luxuries... You can have your cake and eat it too.

Above is my frugal wife with several Lindt dark chocolate bars, I am allowed one square after dinner, which she got for one dollar...they are regularly around three dollars a bar.

The new fancy V8, with fruits and vegetables mixed in, cost $4.29... With coupons she got them for $1.50.

You didn't think we ate dog food for dinner did you???

Next time you're in the grocery store, mosey on over to the meat counter...

Most stores will put out meat items that are within a day or two of their expiration and drastically... In this case 50%... Cut the price.

How does an occasional filet mignon sound for $4.50 a pound???

If we don't eat it that very day it goes in the freezer... This is another way to save big.

You are very welcome...

Google +...this sounds interesting

Did you know that the fastest growing social media group is us... Those over 50 years of age.

I have used Facebook... ...for a few months but find that there is no way to separate your family, friends, and people you want to pass a frugal tip along to.

Enter Google +... It is brand-new, and is soon as I figure out how to import my mailing list from frugal retiring news... Over 1200 subscribers now... I will send you an invitation to join.

Here is why Google plus makes sense... It allows you to set up as many groups of contacts as you want. I would like to use Google plus as a way of contacting you frugal people on a more regular basis than once a month.

I will still put out this monthly newsletter of course.

The beauty of the Google plus group system is that you can send a newsy post to your girlfriend only... Not the entire world... If you have an item like to share with family only... You can do so.

So stay tuned, and if you're interested respond to my invitation for Google plus... We can have a group that passes along frugal tips such as couponing and not have it mixed up with personal stuff.

I hope this goes smoother than my smart phone... It's still real smart... The operator is challenged.

More Vacation tips

In case you need some more reminders for how to save on vacation or at home...

How to pick a cheap restaurant in a strange place ... This never fails, really

Remember to go to the library first and check out some book tapes... They make the miles just melt away... And you can't beat the price of going to the library.

Use free stuff whatever possible

A page with several money saving links

Comments this month

It took me the better part of a morning to respond to your comments from last months newsletter... There were some gems and I urge you to keep them coming.

One was a note from a single woman who appreciated the fact that she could come and get advice on site for various is humbling to know that you can help someone.

Another was from a Canadian doctor who was counting down the days he had to go before retiring... He was only 50 but had just about had it with the medical bureaucracy in Canada...good luck in retirement Pierre.

Another guy asked if 100 grand a year was enough to retire in Ecuador... I would think it you could retire quite comfortably anywhere you choose, $100,000 year or considerably less if you follow the advice on site...

Final thoughts

Our next issue will come from the cool piney woods of central Oregon... Enjoy your summer.

Stay frugal and stay healthy.

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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