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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #025
June 22, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #25, June 2011

One of our very favorite restaurants in the Caribbean...La Pescadore on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

We came by dinghy about a mile from where we anchored... And pulled the dinghy up on the beach.

The "chairs" are box crates... Only two things were on the menu... broiled fish and calamari... Two meals with beer...$5.00... including the tip. I mean it was really good...

We knew the fish was fresh... We saw the fishermen wading in from their boats and sell their catch to the kitchen.

Most of the time we were the only gringos to be seen.

Site News

Much of this last month has been devoted to moving the content over from my other two websites... and

There are now 208 pages on Why did I do it?... One website is a lot easier to maintain than three...

Please let me know!!!

In the process of moving close to 100 pages over I made a few mistakes...

If you notice anything that does not look quite right on site please, please drop me a note through contact us or directly at

Thanks...I would much rather hear from you that something is wrong than hearing from Mother Google.

Our frugal tip for this month

My frugal wife sends a reminder on how important it is to plan your shopping trips... Eliminate spur of the moment runs to the store.

Her big day is Thursday... She starts at Goodwill at 9 AM... This particular store has dollar day on Thursday.

Coupons come out of the Sunday and Wednesday if she sees a staple at a good price she will plan a stop at the stores with bargains.

Costco is on the Thursday rotation and we usually have a Costco chicken for dinner... One of three meals at least...Thursday night.

She doesn't buy exclusively at Goodwill... Here are some Cole Haan shoes she picked up on eBay... For $10... They retail for $395...

It seems unbelievable to me that in this day and age anyone would spend $395 for a pair of shoes.

Incidentally, if you are not shopping on eBay... You may want to consider starting to do so...I just checked and we have bought and sold 193 items.

Buying online has many advantages...we pay for our eBay items with PayPal... An eBay company... And like the recourse you have using eBay and PayPal... They cannot afford to have people being ripped off online. They will make things right.

Another eBay resource we use... Is "completed listings"... Then you can tell exactly what a similar item actually sold for in the past...if you are a veteran eBayer you know that the the most bidding activity happens in the last few seconds of any auction... Use completed listings to plan your bid maximums.

International Living magazine article

My article on using the Mexican dentist... Was published in the current June issue of International Living magazine.

I do not have a link as we go to press for this newsletter but will post it on the page below when I get one...

Here's the page on our Mexican dentist that gives the background for the article...Hey... this writing articles and getting paid for it is OK.

Again I highly recommend International Living magazine for anyone that wants the very latest on living overseas...

I pay for a subscription to International Living Magazine you should too if retiring overseas has ever crossed your mind.

As the economy continues to perform poorly... Retiring overseas may make the difference between retiring or not should keep it in mind as an option.

Taking a trip by car??

It's getting to be that time of year again where we start thinking of vacation trips... You might want to take a minute and review the following pages on site...

Frugal vacation tips...

How to pick a cheap restaurant in a strange place ... This never fails, really

Remember to go to the library first and check out some book tapes... They make the miles just melt away... And you can't beat the price of going to the library.

Any comments on the plain blue header on site

I have not as yet, had any comments negative or positive... About the plain blue header on site...if you have any preferences one way or another please let me know.

Your humble correspondent recently upgraded to a smart phone... The jury is still out as to whether that is a smart move... I have heard that a lot of people browse the web with their smart phones... So there may be a way for me to reach a larger audience for frugal retirement living...

I am in the process of getting educated as to how I can use social media , Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word about the site...

Pray for all seems Greek to me now... See you in July!!

Stay frugal and stay healthy.

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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