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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #023
April 22, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #23, April 2011

Once a year these cacti bloom...and people are going throughout the neighborhood cameras in hand... The blooms only last about 24 hours... Some white, some pink, some yellow

News that will affect us all

Gas prices in Arizona are up dramatically, about $.50 in the last month...$3.73 for unleaded was about the best price I saw...I am sure it is higher in other parts of the country... Just in time for summer vacation.

Speaking of summer vacation, I think we will still choose to drive despite the high prices for fuel... The crowded flights we endured last month and all the security hoops to jump through, have taken airline travel off the table for us.

This seems like piling on, expensive airline tickets and high gas prices at the same time.

I have no idea, nor apparently do the politicians, on what is going to happen with raising the debt ceiling or tackling the budget crisis... Your guess is as good as mine, I am thankful that they are least talking about it and not ignoring the situation.

Some personal reflections

When I first realized I was not going to be able to stay fully retired in 2008, when the stock market turned my 401(k) into a 201(k)...looking back it is one of the better things that has happened to me in my entire life.

Let me explain, although at first it was scary and I had my doubts starting this site, and the other avenues this site has opened for me... Has been nothing but positive.

This site is keeping my mind stimulated... something Dr. OZ mentioned in the last AARP magazine that is critical for successfully retirement.

It is also given me a means for my experiences to be helpful to someone else.

Forgive me if that sounds self-promoting... But when I was in the commercial real estate business, although very well compensated, I never had any feeling of making the world a better place by what I did.

If I have encouraged just one person to look at alternative, fun, and frugal retirement lifestyles... Then it is all worth the time and effort I spend on site.

I never quite had that feeling in the commercial real estate business.

So I have found a silver lining in watching a good portion of my retirement nest egg go up in smoke...

Here is what I did and recommend

So it's all good folks

Our frugal tip for this month

With the price of gas being what it is, it is becoming more critical to plan your shopping...please go back on site review all pages in this section...

Guide to Living Cheap

Pay special attention to the sections on buying in bulk, never shop without coupons, Goodwill, and shopping online.

Never allow yourself to run out of staples that necessitates a hurried trip to Walmart for something like toilet paper.

PS, my frugal wife did not get anything at Goodwill for us yesterday, but some little girl Mexico will get a brand-new rabbit fur coat that cost Julie one dollar.

While on the subject put... my frugal wife...into Google search... Another number one ranking for frugal retirement living.

Here's what buying in bulk looks like... There could be a revolutionary invention in shaving... Something on the order of just apply the cream, then wipe it off, it would not affect me... I've got at least 18 months to two years of shaving cream to use before I would see it... I'm not complaining

International Living magazine article

I now am a published, and paid, magazine article writer... Here is the link to my article in International Living magazine May issue.

Caribbean sailboat living

If you have not visited the retire overseas section of the site here's the link.

I pay for a subscription to International Living Magazine you should too if retiring overseas has ever crossed your mind.

I enjoy it even though I hope to be able to stay in the US for the rest of my life.

Health Tip of the month

I wish this was an original thought, but it is not, I got this tip when accompanied my now 91-year-old uncle, to see his cardiologist.

The doctor asked him what kind of television he watched and my uncle replied... Like I would have... The evening news.

The Dr. said instead of watching the news, watch the following programs:

The Andy Griffith Show; Luci and Desi; Sanford and Son; The Carol Burnett Show; MASH

You get the idea...we have been doing that lately ourselves...aren't DVR's great!... And it does make a difference in how you sleep and how you feel.

You can find bad news every day... Try watching shows like this and see if it doesn't make a difference for you.

The first year we came back from nine months on the boat, and being sports junkies... We found out from an old magazine on the plane we were on in May...who had won the previous World Series (Atlanta)and the Masters golf tournament (Tiger Woods)... We really had not missed anything by not staring at a TV for hours each day.

Some submissions

It seems I get at least one e-mail every week from someone asking a question about a specific location, whether it be in the US or in Panama.

For the latest information on overseas life...International Living Magazine...I always recommend subscribing to this fine magazine... I hear they've got a great article in the May issue on living on a sailboat in the Caribbean... Check it out!

When folks ask me to recommend a realtor in Tampa for instance I am sorry to say that I cannot help...I would always recommend going to the web for such information.

Closing thoughts

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.

Stay frugal and stay healthy.

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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