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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #020
January 23, 2011

Frugal Retiring News Issue #20, January 2011

Greetings from Arizona hope this 20th issue of the Frugal Retiring News finds you is one day late, mea culpa... The above is one of my favorite pictures showing Julie and I enjoying another Caribbean sunset.

Challenges for 2011

I wish I was more optimistic for the prospects of 2011 being better than 2010... There is so much uncertainty in the economic news at home and around the world.

Sometimes we wonder why what happens in countries like Greece and Ireland... have to do with the United States... In my humble opinion there are lots similarities in these two countries and our own.

In both Greece and Ireland the governments could not sustain the level of services that they provide their citizens. These citizens of Greece and Ireland had come to expect from their government. The result, is chaos and riots... We could be next.

How similar is the situation in the United States?...Our debt is going up and up... The baby boomers are coming-of-age and that will put more strain on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Combine these national issues with states such as California and Illinois being on the brink of bankruptcy.

Something has got to much as it pains me to say this I feel that all pensions and services will be cut back as an alternative to bankruptcy.

I certainly do not want to see my Social Security check being is not fair that seniors should have to shoulder the burden placed upon us by others.

I hope I'm all wet in my pessimism... But the day of reckoning is soon coming.

What shall we do?

With all the doom and gloom above... What should we be doing to protect our families future.

Because it is clear that the future of our pensions is tenuous at best I think each of us should not only start thinking, but actually take action, on ways we can supplement the pensions and programs that we rely on.

Now I am not going to suggest that everyone do what I did... Start an online business...what I am doing is not for everyone. But please do something... Do not wait.

What I am saying is that you should start taking steps right now to figure out ways of supplementing your retirement income.

If the thought of work in any form is repulsive then please re-examine the retirement lifestyles mentioned on site that require less money to enjoy...

You know what they are...Sailboat life... RV living...Living overseas...Park model living

Folks let this be a wake-up not wait for things to turn around, or for the good old days... Be proactive... Remember no one cares about your family any more than you do.

Our frugal tip for this month

Got some positive feedback on the review of certain pages on site that go to the basics of spending less money... So here they are again for your information.

Eat at home

Easy ways to save

Strategies to save

If you follow these simple suggestions you will never find yourself running to the store to replace a staple... When the chance of you paying the best price for that staple is nil to nonexistent.

It constantly amazes me to see the diversity of wildlife in where we live... Hummingbirds are all over the place... Coexisting with coyotes and rabbits.

My favorite submission

A week ago I got a e-mail from a young Texas couple that is starting a circumnavigation... They were thanking me as being an inspiration for them to take the plunge...

Now folks the difference between the sailboat cruising we did in the Caribbean and a circumnavigation... In my humble opinion... Is comparing a stroll in the park to a Mount Everest expedition.

So my first suggestion to this young couple was that they might just stay in the Caribbean, instead of circumnavigation.

It will be fun following their adventures... They are currently in Nassau, Bahamas.

You can follow them on their website at SV Kaleo

Good luck guys stay safe.

Site number three... Best Arizona retirement living

Since it is no great secret that we currently live in Arizona I started a third SBI site...Best Arizona retirement living... the site is in its infancy, with 30 pages up at present.

By way of comparison frugal retirement living has 124 pages and will be two years old in retirement living has 72 pages.

I find it very easy to write about Arizona and Arizona retirement living because we do very much enjoy living here... Amazing how easy it is to write about something you love.

Hope you enjoy it.

Software I use and recommend

Before you know it tax time will be here. When I was working, being too busy earning, I had my taxes prepared by a CPA. Nice if you can afford it... But if you were into wasting money you would not be on site would you?

For the last 12 years or so I've done them myself using TurboTax... If you've never contemplated using this product it has my highest recommendation.

Something that I discovered about a month ago was Dragon version 11 voice recognition software... If you do any writing, or even send a lot of e-mails... Combined with being a poor typist... That's me to a tee...take a look at this time-saving software.

Now as fast as I can talk words magically appear on the page... It will save me untold hours of typing with two fingers. If I had had this software when I started two years ago... I could've saved a ton of time.

Go to for links...go to Amazon or PC connection express for the best price.

Closing thoughts

I cannot thank you enough for the support that you have given this site and the trust you show in submitting your questions for my opinions.

The sites are doing very well and I have recently been asked to submit a 1400 word article to International Living magazine entitled, Retire to a Sailboat

I will keep you posted as to when it's going to be published.

So until next time please take some action steps to either supplement your retirement income or re-examine ways to spend less... Self-reliance will be a key word in 2011 and beyond.

All the best and God bless,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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