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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #002
July 22, 2009
Hello <>,

Frugal Retiring News Issue #02, July 2009

Well the month of July is flying by and I trust you have enjoyed reading Frugal retirement Living. I have enjoyed working on it. Hard to believe the site has 67 pages up and it's popularity is increasing. Thanks Site Build It.

Thanks to those readers that have written and shared your stories. The words of encouragement keep me going, so keep them coming please.

Those that filled out applications for health insurance…thank you and you are welcome for the money you will save…we saved $684 a year ourselves!

Reader comments

Some excerpts:

• “your site has encouraged me to retire early”

• “thanks so much for telling me what my financial planner won’t”

• “ how big is big enough in boat length”

• “what type of park model is best”

• “what do you do for health insurance”

• “my mother wanted to retire early, didn’t and died at 64"

• “thank you for not pushing any GRQ schemes”

I respond to all notes so if you have any questions please let me hear from you. If you have any comments about the site let me know what you think and how I might improve.

I may be missing a topic that is important to you…let me know.

Some requests I get I have to say no …one gent wanted to find a like minded lady to join him on a sailboat, he wanted to post that on site. Sorry, I hear would probably be a better place for that sort of request.

New Look for the Site

What do you think about the new colors on site? The salmon color gave way to blue and grey on July 15. The header also changed to show more of what we were about…what do you think?


US News and World report interviewed me last week.

It is still scary out there and it is felt this recession will have long term effects on consumers. The reporter shared that credit card debt fell 3.75% in May and the personal savings rate went up to 6.9 % from 5.6 % in April.

These are both good signs…every penny spent on credit card debt is just wrong…and we will have to still triple our savings rate to match Japan’s.

If only, and I think we will, keep up good habits when the economy turns around…and it will turn around.

I will let you know when US News and World Report publishes their article on...DUH frugal retirement.

Where to find it

Another reader wanted to know where on site did he read about my list of hope tos. This is how you can find anything on site.

I hope this will help, go to Site Search and type in hope to.

This is a Google tool and it will show the page that the hope to and never again list is on here .

Also try going to Site Map , it lists a little bit about each page under a subheading.

Products we use…you should too

In order to subsidize the time I spend on this site I have just started to talk about issues that we all face. I started with a biggie…health…no health you won’t enjoy retirement frugal or otherwise. Despite my disdain for insurance, it is a necessary evil, it would doubly irritate me if I spent more than I had to on what I do have.

Ehealth Insurance is what I recommend you try for health insurance, we have used it for 8 years, and as I said above we reapplied and I am saving $684 a year on our policy.

You will also like that they do not ask for your phone number. It really is a free, no brainer way to check and see if you are paying too much for health insurance.

I will be making other product recommendations on items we personally use that will be of benefit to you. Some things we gotta have, but we don’t have to overpay a penny.


Since it is currently 114 in downtown Surprise Arizona, this reporter will be taking a car trip in August to visit our friends in Oregon. We can cool off, get my fly fishing fix and enjoy the scenery.

We also are planning to buy a laptop computer at Costco while we are there…why wait until we are in Oregon?

You black belt readers will remember that there is no sales tax in Oregon…that will save us about $50.

So I’ll be working on on our new computer.

The couple we will be visiting in Oregon are our buds who bought a Park Model in Mesa AZ last November. Everybody is living frugal!

Ezine articles

I have been writing articles, on the same subject covered on site for ezine articles. I have 50 articles published if you are interested you can view them at

Gary P Pierce


Gary Pierce

Don't ask me why I have 2 author names one with a middle initial one without.

I just wrote a tome on how not to get taken when buying a car.

Talk about sleazy, the car dealerships will take you every time. But not you, you know all their tricks.

For you single ladies out there, if you need a car I am sure you will benefit from reading this page.

I wish car dealers were not like this...but until they change you need to know how they operate.

So please let me hear from you, I enjoy your feedback.

Issue number #3 will be sent from cool Oregon.

Enjoy, be frugal and have fun!

God Bless,


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