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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #018
November 22, 2010

Frugal Retiring News Issue #18, November 2010

A thanksgiving meal on the boat

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and will offer you a great opportunity to be frugal.

Fortunately I love turkey and do not mind leftovers...Thanksgiving is great for leftovers so take advantage.

We are going to eat Thursday dinner with friends...our contribution will be mashed potatoes, pecan pie and wine...the only item I am sure there will be no chance of leftovers will be the vino...I plan on having lots of mashed potatoes, pie, stuffing and turkey in my refrigerator.

Turkey is an inexpensive purchase any way and not just for Thanksgiving so eat some more often and save not forget to make a soup/stew in the crockpot with the turkey carcass.

I put up a page on how to save with a Costco chicken last month if you missed it here's the link. You can gets lots of meals for little money.

Medicare experiences

Now I have been on Medicare for all of 7 weeks so I am not an expert...but I did learn a painful lesson...hopefully this will prevent you from making the same mistake.

I am being treated for kidney stones...Dr looked at an X ray...said lets be sure and get a cat a lemming I cost me $302.

$302 is 20% of the part Medicare pays for a cat scan...I chose Secure Horizons, a Medicare Advantage plan, for no extra monthly premium.

Another X ray with a dye would have cost me zip and told the doctor what he needed to know...doctors are not God...when a procedure is suggested you call your insurer or have his or her office call for you and find out what the cost to you will be...

But so far even with the $302 surprise I am glad I chose the Medicare Advantage is not really Medicare because an insurance company stands in place of my case United Health Care.

I'll keep you posted.

A funny submission

I encourage you to submit your experiences...and many of you have 72 pages worth.

I did not post one I got from a reader in Montana...who in essence said Montana was too crowded now and if you move there you will surely be eaten by bears...

Now as an advocate of retiring to Arizona even though it does get a bit congested in the winter...there is still plenty of room for you to enjoy a warm retirement.

Maybe he was talking about the guy in the picture below should not move to Montana...

Who does your writing?

Got a letter from a reader who asked who does the writing for the 2 sites?

Well the good news and bad news is that every word on site is my own...there are no copied articles turned into a content page.

Now this bothers some of my buds who are grammarians since I regularly butcher the English language but it is all original content.


Here is my page for frugal retirement living

I admit I was reluctant to get on Facebook...old dog new trick mentality...but it has increased traffic to the site...and that is always a good thing.

So if you use Facebook I would appreciate you "liking " the site and sharing it with your friends...we need to expose folks to cheap ways of retirement that are still fun.

Yuk...the alternative to not retiring is to continue to work!!!

Frugal Living Tip for November

In addition to stretching your Thanksgiving turkey dinner now is the time to think of others less fortunate than we are.

When my better half makes her weekly pilgrimage to Goodwill she also picks up items that we donate to mission work in Mexico.

When she sees a new article of clothing on sale for a dollar (Thursday is dollar day at our Goodwill)...she gets it and gives it to an outreach group that helps the needy in Mexico.

Another way to help is when popular grocery items are on sale with coupons... she picks them up and drops them in the food bin at church Sunday morning...I have stopped asking about Cheerios in the trunk...we will not eat them...they are bound for the food bank.

Even in our land of plenty there are those in need let's try and help where we can.

You will be blessed by helping others...and can not outgive God.

International Living owners manuals

I can tell that several readers have ordered owner manuals from International Living...first of all thank you for your support of For those that do not know how the site is supported, click here..

I would like to hear from you on what you think of the manuals.

Retiring overseas is going to be more and more popular in the future and research before you go is very important.

The election is over!!!

I bet your phone rings less now that the election is over...thank you Lord this only happens once every two years.

If you have not signed up for absentee ballots...and your state offers all means do can research the issues online and make more informed choices.

I have not stood in line to vote for many absentee.

Home refinancing

Folks the interest rate for home refinance is very close to 4 %.

I have refinanced twice in 2010 and have saved over $200 a month in house payments.

The process can be a little frustrating but I found a company that does it right.

Here's my page on refinancing.

You will also see me on video...the only video I have on site...maybe more to come.

In closing

Please tell your friends about: Frugal retirement living and my new site: Best retirement living.

Obviously I am making money with these sites or I would not be doing this. Thanks so much for your support.

If you would like to see how to earn online...and I was a computer dummy 18 months is how.

Until next time...stay frugal

Happy Thanksgiving

All the best,


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