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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #016
September 22, 2010

Frugal Retiring News Issue #16, September 2010

A nostalgic look of happy times in the Caribbean...the hair is all white now, mine not hers...but picture yourselves in this picture... a great lifestyle that does not require a lot of bucks.

As you know the economy is still not good...and the nation is more polarized than ever...hopefully will encourage you to take personal charge of your retirement...if we wait on Washington to turn things around, we can be sure to be disappointed.

Look at it like one is more interested about you and your retirement than you...It will be up to you to take action.

Eight days to Medicare

Your editor will turn 65 in October...and be under Medicare the first of the month.

I will try and keep you posted as to the ups and down of this program.

I signed up for the AARP Medicare Advantage plan, Secure is the page on that process:

Understanding Medicare

After 17 years of having only catastrophic health care insurance I am looking forward, cautiously, to being able to go see a specialist for $30 a visit...up to now I have gone to see the Doctor once a year for a physical.

Folks please check here to see if you are overpaying for health insurance now:

Save on health insurance

I used it again to save on my wife's should use it too.

Why am I cautious about being on Medicare?

Since Medicare is run by the Federal Government I am cautiously optimistic.

My current doctor told me he was dropping Medicare if they went through with cutting his pay by far the Congress has delayed these cuts.

The 500 billion dollars they are taking from Medicare with health care reform cannot help Medicare recipients like should be interesting.

Remember cash for clunkers?...Touted as a great success?...Actual cost to taxpayers...$24,000 to $43,000 per car...hmmm, with that kind of money I could buy a new car...instead of the 1999 I drive with 175,000 miles on the odometer.

Sorry for the pessimism...the point is to realize you need to take charge yourself of your economic future...waiting for Washington is futile.

The case for retiring overseas

This a picture of the Panama City of the more popular countries for those retiring overseas. Does this look like a third world country?...I did not think so.

There are currently half a million Social Security checks sent out overseas...due to the low cost of living abroad...

Information is key...if overseas retirement has any appeal at all I would first subscribe, I pay for a subscription, to:

International Living magazine

After subscribing to this excellent source of up to date info on living overseas...almost all articles are written by folks actually living there, in the various countries...I would get the owners manual for the specific country or countries I would consider living in. As follows:

Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay

Frugal Living Tip...for Coffee Lovers

One of our biggest personal indulgences is our coffee maker pictured above. It cost us $600 when we bought it 4 years ago...we use it every day 5 cups or so between the two of us.

$600 is a lot of money...however I am amazed at the number of folks I see daily holding a Starbucks cup.

Let's do the math...say you go to Starbucks, or any other coffee vendor, 5 days a week 40 weeks a year...pretty conservative for coffee lovers...$3.00 a cup...I am guessing, I have not been in Starbucks in several years...that is $600...

I guess I have been drinking free coffee for many years...even after buying the coffee Costco naturally.

You are eat at home whenever possible...that includes the morning save money.

Let's hear from you...really

One of the pleasures in running this site is hearing from readers who share their is easy to is the main link

Your stories

One of the neat things about this feature on site is you have your own web page live on my site. You can forward it to your friends and family and do some bragging.

Here the URL's for some of my favorite submissions:

Less is more

A great story about being self sufficient.

Buy twice, then rent

How to have your house pay you...

Retire to Columbia?

Medellin, Columbia as a place to retire???...once the home of drug lord Pablo Escobar...goes to show you that thinking outside the box pays off.

My favorite submissions

Jon writes and mentions that some folks he knows have tried RVing for a year or so and returned to normal home life.

There is nothing wrong with going back to doing what you did before...nothing can take away the time you spend trying an lifestyle that is fun.

If we had given up boating after a year or so it still would have been the highlight of both our lives...the fact that we lived in the Caribbean on our boat for 8 years...well just take another look at the picture to start this newsletter.

The rest homes are full of stories that say the same thing..."if only I had done this or is too late now".

If you are currently working and decide to take some time off to boat, RV or live overseas...guess what is the worst that can have to go back to work.

The biggest step is the first one.

Other submissions

Got a note from a lady about the 24 coupons we gathered (prior to going on vacation) for free frappes at bride scoured the neighborhood for abandoned newspapers that had the coupons...this lady had issues that it is not right to "steal" someones newspaper...I agree, perhaps I should have been clearer.

1)We live in a community with about 40% vacancy in the summer...AZ is snowbird country...these abandoned papers would be windblown if not picked up

2)Julie went searching on Thursday...the papers come on Wednesday

3) The papers were of the weekly community variety...the daily paper were not touched...However, with the local paper in our area being what it is, picking them up would be considered a public service by many.

So dear reader...stealing is not are right and I agree...hope this clears it up.

In closing

Please tell your friends about: Frugal retirement living and my new site: Best retirement living.

Obviously I am making money with these sites or I would not be doing this.

If you would like to see how to earn online...and I was a computer dummy 18 months is how.

I am thinking of starting my third SBI site on baby boomers or Arizona retirement...let me know what you think.

So wish me luck in my "Welcome to Medicare physical" in a few the meantime do not wait for help to arrive...take action yourself, no one cares like you do about you...stay frugal.

All the best,


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