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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #015
August 22, 2010

Frugal Retiring News Issue #15, August 2010

On vacation in cool Central Oregon...this is Benham Falls south of Bend Oregon...frugal too...used our Senior Park Pass...$10 for over 62...for a lifetime pass...

Check it out here. One of the few bargains left from the Park Service.

How you can Vacation Frugally

For the best tips onsite for a frugal vacation...

By staying with friends and family we will spend only one night in a motel for 3.5 weeks away from home. Don't worry when winter comes you will find many opportunities to pay them back...they will visit you...if you reside in Phoenix!

First frugal vacation tip...Thanks McDonalds

Back in Arizona before we left, my sharp eyed bride spotted a coupon in the local newspaper from frappe or fruit drink.

Since the price was right...she scoured the neighborhood in the afternoon for newspapers left in the driveway...she came back with 24...I am not making this

They expired on August 15...we and our friends used 20 of them...the drinks, 12 oz, cost $2.29 each.

From Barstow, to Bend we enjoyed free drinks. They were good...thank you Mcdonalds...probably the last ones we will have...Folks, not buying coffee at Starbucks, etc. is a great way to save can pay for a home coffee maker in less than a year...even if it costs $500.

Frugal recreation tips

Folks I like to fly is a great way to relax. This is a 24" rainbow trout...that was released safely a few seconds after this picture was taken.

A friend from church in Sunriver has fished the lakes here for 30 years...he takes me out in his boat and puts me on fish like these...I gave him a new fly line as a gift...$50...a guide that can do no better than my friend costs $300 a day.

I am happy , my friend is delighted...everyone is is saved.

While here in Bend we saw a baseball game, amateurs from college teams...admission hot dogs and beverage was less than $25 a couple.

You can be frugal and have fun too.

Dining out on vacation

On at home...90% of the time we eat in...we take turns cooking and buying food.

Since it is vacation...we try and treat our hosts to a meal out as a break.

They have discovered a place 70 miles from their the middle of nowhere...Silver Lake Oregon...

Here is a You Tube video that tells the story of the...

The Cowboy Dinner Tree

How is this frugal?...well a 30 oz steak...why anybody orders the chicken is beyond me with a whole Costco chicken available for $4.69...costs $23.50 a person...includes salad, great soup and dessert.

98% of the people eating here cannot finish the meal...plastic baggies for take home are delivered to the table with the steak.

We will get at least 4 more meals at home with what we could not eat...and the steak was great...not bad for the money.

No sales tax in Oregon

If you have gone onsite , you know which states have no sales tax .

With a little planning you can make your major purchases when visiting these states. We buy staples and items like computers, external hard drives, tile cleaners. You know that buying staples in bulk is one of the easiest ways to save money .

Why not give yourselves almost a 10% discount and buy staples with no sales tax?

Found out a unusual fact while many people from Washington state shop in Oregonian can show their drivers license in Washington when shopping and pay zero sales tax in Washington...seems only fair.

Our favorite submissions

Being on vacation does notmean all work onsite some interesting submissions while relaxing...

One lady wrote who was drowning in credit card debt and wanted to know if bankruptcy was an option...Sorry no investment advice will be given on site...that is one for you and your lawyer...hope you understand but there is no way I could give advice on that.

Another wrote and doubted I could have refinanced twice this year...with no closing costs...and saved over $200 a month.

Here's the link .

I know of no other method that you can save big money as easy as refinancing your house...if you have not yet it is still not too late...rates are still low.

Then there are the ones like "thank you so much for encouraing us to retire early and frugally" are most welcome Shirley...tell your friends about the site.

In closing

Issue number 16 will be sent from home in Arizona...I hope you have received some ideas on how you vacation and be frugal at the same time thanks for your support of Frugal Retiring News...

All the best,


Our favorite picture of the month

What a 30 oz steak looks like...try and eat it all in one sitting and you will be sorry.

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