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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #012
May 22, 2010

Frugal Retiring News Issue #12, May 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary to Frugal Retiring News From the editor and his much better half


I cannot believe it has been a year since the first issue of Frugal Retiring News. Time flies when you are having fun.

Looking back a bit the need for frugal retirement options has never been greater. The economy is supposed to be better now...but tell that to the workers who have lost their jobs.

I hope you enjoyed reading Frugal Retiring News as much as I have in writing the copy.

Scottsdale Boomerz presentation

Well all went well in Scottsdale as around 80 folks watched a slide show and listened to yours truly talk about living on a sailboat as a way to retire.

Seems like from the questions there are some folks who would like to try and retire early.

I enjoyed meeting the site readers who attended.

They have asked me back to a do a presentation on the virtual workplace this month.

The virtual workplace being working this site.

Here's another Arizona courtesy of Dr Gene Willis.

The virtual workplace

According to a Del Webb survey of Baby Boomers...73% plan to work after retirement.

Some out of choice, some out of economic yours truly.

This is not all bad news since working online can be done anywhere, anytime, about anything.

If you are thinking at all about earning money with a website do what I did and get the first class training and step by step instructions on how to do so.

I knew less than zip about the internet and computers and now am earning with this can do it too.

Here is how I retired online.

Here is more info on how I did it.

What I enjoy most about working online

I appear to be fully retired.

By picking and choosing the time I work (mostly writing) I can play golf when ever I want.

Some of my golfing buddies know about my website and some don't.

The freedom of working online lets me take trips at the time of my choosing...I can also work anywhere there is an internet connection.

If you are at all interested visit the above 2 will be glad you did.

A new Website is underway

Encouraged by the success of I have started a new site...using Site Build It of course.

I want to get up 30 to 50 pages, next newsletter, before I let you know the web address.

It is also on retirement...but without the emphasis of focusing solely on frugal retirement.

Stay tuned

Some more products and services I recommend you use.

For saving big bucks on home

For saving big bucks on health insurance. I have used and saved with this service for 9 years...Caution you may get really mad when you find out how much you can have been warned.

Thank you for the support of the site, for more information on how this site is funded...thanks again.

My favorite submission

Jim writes..."It seems like there is a lot of writing involved in getting up a website like"

No kidding...I never thought I could write...and some of you agree with that I am sure.

It is now a lot easier.

Remember, successful websites provide the content that web surfers are looking provide that content.

You cannot fool mother Google...every word on is original content...those surfers come to the site, and when they visit an onsite ad...good things happen.

I did it Jim, 120 pages of content, over 200 articles submitted in a can do it too.

Our favorite picture of the month

We never get over that the desert has so many cactii that have blooming flowers.

Frugal retiring news tip of the month...Allegiant Air

Check and see if Allegiant Air flies somewhere close to you.

Last month my bride and I flew to Springfield, MO non-stop from Mesa (suburb of Phoenix)AZ for $462 for both of us.

That is a great price...$231 apiece...the non-stop feature saved us at least 5 hours vs stopping in Denver or Dallas.

We were visiting my 90 year old uncle who lives in Branson, MO.

Allegiant, which has been in business for about 4 years, offers twice weekly service from the not so major airports.

Mesa airport...I did not know they had an extra half hour from our house.

Some of the non-stop time savings are significant. For instance if we wanted to fly to visit friends in Bend Oregon, we would fly Phoenix, Portland, Redmond, would take all day.

Mesa to Redmond non-stop would take 2 hours...that is the beauty of Allegiant Air.

It is not a first class operation but it is cheap.

However, focus on the total price not the following:

We paid $13.50 each each segment for seat assignment...ouch.

We paid $80.00 for 2 bags round trip.

They wanted $2.00 for bottled water on sale with us

This was our first experience with Allegiant...and not our last...we'll learn how to do better next time.

So long until June...thanks for reading Frugal Retiring News...and finally Happy Anniversary,


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