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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #011
April 22, 2010

Frugal Retiring News Issue #11, April 2010

Another day in paradise

Letters from readers

One of the rewards of doing this site is the letters I receive from readers like you. It keeps me going.

Some are asking for advice on pulling the plug on work and hitting the road in an RV, shoving off the dock, where to move to in Mexico or downsizing.

In these letters I can sense the great desire to retire and retire frugally...folks just want a little reassurance.

All I can say is nothing can ever replace the last wonderful 15 years that Julie and I have been cannot put a dollar value on our experiences.

No one's circumstances are the same and what is right for one may not be right for another.

One thing is for certain we are all getting older and the longer you wait to retire the less able you will be to enjoy retirement.

At 64 I also am faced daily with the reality of mortality...a church friend's wife died 2 days ago...another funeral is coming up.

So as for the case to retire early our friends at Nike have it right...just do it.

Scottsdale Boomerz presentation

The Scottsdale chapter of Boomerz...a baby boomer organization has asked me to make a presentation on my frugal retirement living experiences. It will be April 28 at 6PM. It will be at:

Scottsdale Civic Center Library Auditorium 3839 North Drinkwater, Scottsdale

Here is the link

If any readers are in the area I would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.

They have 6,000 members and I am looking forward to the presentation and Q and A to follow.

I enjoyed this mode of transportation more than our SUV that has 208,000 miles on it.

Our new doctor

Julie and I have been in Arizona for 6 years now and have not found a doctor we like as much as the lady we both went to in Bend, Oregon.

Julie after much research located a promising Dr in our area who takes Medicare...I will be 65 in October...we had our first meeting with him yesterday and we both liked him very much. So we should be really happy...right?

Seems he has practiced in India, Great Britain and for 10 years in the US. He is not happy with what is going on here in the US.

He told us a story of why our health care costs will not be going down anytime soon. See those commercials for Drug A on TV...the poor guy has to go to the bathroom too much and is missing out at the game, the golf course, etc. This medicene is the answer to his problem.

Our new Doctor told us that Drug A is a good drug and will do what it says. The problem is the cost.

Seems the same drug that costs $140 in the US, costs $40 in Canada...the same drug made at the same place. So his point is that if insurance companies could buy the drug in Canada that would mean lower costs here in the US.

Not so law the medicene must be purchased in the US. So we are forced to pay $100 more here.

Really want to feel ill?...A generic is available in India...for $2 (two dollars).

After being so happy with the Dr he told us Medicare makes up 70% of his business. On May 1 he will be paid 21% less by Medicare. He is thinking seriously of retiring when this happens.

So it is good news and bad news...we found a new Dr that we liked...but he may not be in practice much longer.

I was looking forward to Medicare...and still am...since for economic reasons the last 10 years we have had catastrophic insurance care...$10,000 deductible...we pay dearly for that coverage. I was looking forward to going to a doctor when ill, fortunately we take good care of ourselves, now that doctor may not be there.

In the case of our lady doctor in Bend we know a couple that we go to church with (snowbirds) that are patients of hers. She dropped Medicare (like the Mayo Clinic) entirely January 1.

I will keep you posted as to what I find in the alphabet soup of Medigap coverage...I am already seeing mailings from insurers.

In the meantime make sure you do not overpay for health insurance before Medicare.

I also recommend

For saving big bucks on home

How to look retired and still earn...what I do.

Thank you for the support of the site, for more information on how this site is funded...thanks again.

My favorite submission

One fellow form California, wrote and asked how I convinced my wife to go sailing. I felt his pain...

I responded truthfully that we took baby steps...I subscribed to Sail Magazine and Cruising World...we took sailing vacations, two with a captain and cook...3 by ourselves...took some sailing lessons in Clear Lake (90 miles from our Houston home...etc. Bought a boat in year 3 of the 5 year plan...left a year early.

But the number one criteria for a successful retirement to a boat is getting along with each other on land. A boat is without "my space"...there is nowhere to go if you need to be alone.

So Bill, I wish you luck with your desire to live like Jimmy Buffett.

My favorite person enjoying another Caribbean sunset aboard Shadowtime.

Frugal retiring news tip of the month

There is gold in the newspaper.

My bride pours over the Wednesday and Sunday paper scissors in hand.

I am not kidding 80 to 90% of the groceries she buys are with coupons.

I have heard a thousand times at checkout..."Everything you bought was on sale???". Duh

Make coupons a way of will be closer to retirement if you do.

Until next time...stay frugal and stay healthy,


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