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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #010
March 22, 2010
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #10, March 2010

Flowers in the desert? Phoenix has already received more rain than it normally gets in a year

USA Weekend article on saving

Yesterday in the Sunday paper I noted an article on 8 ways to save big. I wondered if we could pick up some pointers?

First off was the statement that you could save $1,500 to $2,000 on a $25,000 car by buying online. Duh...seems we have already covered that at

Remember when you walk on a car lot and shake that salesperson's hand...this savings goes out the window. Our readers are smart and do their research online first.

They talk of renting designer dresses for 10% of the price...better to go to Goodwill and buy the dress for $1.00. My very frugal bride shops every Thursday morning at a Goodwill in the Phoenix area...where they have dollar day. Folks, she gets compliments all the time on her new outfits...she grins a lot when they ask where she bought the dress.

Paying health care premiums on a annual basis is a good idea...I have not put that on site...but we have done so for many years.

I will cover health care as a separate issue below.

Scottsdale Boomerz presentation

The Scottsdale chapter of Boomerz...a baby boomer organization has asked me to make a presentation on my frugal retirement living experiences. It will be April 28 at 6PM.

Here is the link

If any readers are in the area I would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.

They have 6,000 members and I am looking forward to the presentation and Q and A to follow.

Perhaps we can convince some fellow Arizonians to see sunsets like this one.

Health Care legislation... it's effect on you

I am sure you have heard about the Health Care legislation that was passed last night. Whether or not you are for it or against it...this will impact every one of us.

The chances of this bill not raising your costs for medical insurance are pretty slim. Just make sure you are not overpaying for the coverage you have right now.

Go to and see what is available to you.

If you get nothing else from this newsletter...take one minute, that is all it takes...go to the page above and see what is available to you.

Since you do not have to give out your phone call you are not exposing yourself to phone calls from salespersons...usually at dinnertime.

Despite this companies are still aggressively competing for your business. We personally have used this service for 9 years and have saved can too.

Friends in California thought their health insurance was OK. My buddy was a retired police officer. In one minute they found out they could save over $400 a month by switching to another company. After they calmed down...Hey I was only the messenger...they saved some big bucks.

Enough...everyone can spare one minute. Go to the above page on site ans see what you can save.

Save more money by refinancing your mortgage

Last month,I broke a long standing rule and hit one of those ads...See how much you can save by refinancing. I filled out the form, which asked for a phone number. The phone rang 10 minutes after I hit rang and rang.

I quickly narrowed the competition down to two companies...go to

for the details.

I will not retell the story in this newsletter...but I encourage every one of you to see what you can save by refinancing. A quarter point saved my wife and I $140 a month. You can skip the agony we endured and go direct to the lender we used.

The Federal Reserve has left interest rates alone this month. No one can predict the future but it is my opinion and others that rates will be going up and going up soon.

Refinancing your house ranks right up there with switching health insurance companies as a easy way to save big bucks.

Check it out.

You gotta love this

I received an email a few days ago and a fellow asked where he could send his check to subscribe to Frugal Retiring News.

That is the highest compliment I have received in a long time.

I sent Jim the good news that it was free and sent him the link to my advertising disclosure page to tell him how the site supports itself.

Jim, thanks again for making my day.

Frugal retiring news tip of the month

As you have seen above I was able to grab one section of the Sunday paper yesterday. That was after my bride had scoured the paper for coupons.

It takes her about an hour a week to clip the coupons she will use this week. Easily 60% of all our purchases are made with coupons. The other 40% are made at stores she knows offer the best prices. She is a big fan of Costco. So am I.

Folks I am going to assume that most of you are dedicated coupon users..if you are not start right now.

Yesterday after church we stopped at Safeway. Butter and ground turkey was on sale. She had coupons for each item. She loaded up on these items we use a lot...that is what the freezer is for. For 4 packages of turkey and 2 pounds of butter she spent $11.54 and saved $16.40.

Can I get an Amen.

Stay frugal folks...All the best to you and yours,


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