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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #009
February 22, 2010
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #09, February 2010

Sunset in the by Dr. Gene Willis

Medicare is coming soon

As I will be 65 in October I will soon be faced with choosing a Medigap coverage. What I have learned so far does not make me anxious to begin the process.

I live in Arizona and the Insurance commissioner does an annual survey of the 53 companies licensed to provide Medigap coverage to us Arizona retirees.

I do know that Medigap F offered by company A is the same as Medigap F offered by company B...same co-pays, deductibles, etc.

The AZ commissioner asks for quotes for a male age 65, 70, 75, 80 so forth...all non-smokers..all in good health. This gives an apples to apples comparison.

For Medigap F for a 65 year old, probably the coverage I will end up with, the monthly premiums range from $111 to $339! A spread of $228 for the same policy...I just do not understand that .

So I will keep you posted on what I find...and make suggestions for when you go thru this ordeal.

Scottsdale Boomerz presentation

The Scottsdale chapter of Boomerz...a baby boomer organization has asked me to make a presentation on living overseas.

Boomerz polled their membership on programs they would like to hear and living overseas was the first choice by a wide margin.

They have a membership of over 6,000 folks and their programs draw hundreds...I report this to point out that even a fairly affluent suburb like Scottsdale has residents looking for ways to stretch their retirement dollar.

The talk will be sometime in April...I should have details in time for next months newsletter. For those readers in the Phoenix area it may a nice time to meet.

Thanks for your stories and pictures

Many submissions were received last month for inclusion on site. We need yours. We had folks telling us why their state is the best to retire in. We need lots more and you are encouraged to submit.

Here is the main address to send contributions, I will put them it in the appropriate slot.

A few of the submissions last month were: picture of Mount Hood below

These submissions should give you an idea of what we are looking especially are encouraged.

Portland skyline with Mount Hood

Advertising disclosure

A new FTC regulation went into effect December 1. Essentially the FTC are asking website owners to let their readers know more about the relationship they have with on site advertisers. Here is my take.

Here is the address of my disclosure:

All the advertisers on site are listed there and whether or not I use that particular product. I use everything advertised on site except for 2 products...the one on solar power and dental plans (we go to Mexico for our dental work).

As far as the Google and Infolink ads placed on the majority of pages, these are not selected by me, but rather by the Google and Infolink computers. The Google and Infolink computers sense what is appropriate for each page based on the content of the page. We receive a small commission for each ad clicked on by you readers.

Have you ever wondered how Google, whose stock sells for in excess of $500 makes money?...information. They provide information to websurfers like you and I.

Hopefully this is clear as to how we are compensated. Frugal retirement living thanks its advertisers and readers for their support.

Beware of prednisone

I am a fairly healthy person, I work out and take vitamins and supplements. I put up a new page on that subject.I hate going to the doctor.

I contracted a allergic reaction to something and broke out in various places.

At the insistence of my loving bride I went to the the urgent care facility. Dr looked at me said I needed to take prednisone for 11 days. Like a lemming I did so...they will have to catch me to get me to take it again.

The side effects were horrific, mood swings and insomnia being the worst. Every person I talked to that had taken this drug had the same reactions...I hope you do not have go through this.

I report this solely to make you you stop and think twice about taking this drug if it is offered to you.

Frugal retiring news tip of the month

With Valentine's Day behind us I would suggest you recycle your greeting cards. We have not exchanged new cards for Valentines, Anniversary, or Birthdays or about 20 years. When these days approach we go to the card folder and put cards to each other all over the house.

It is fun to look at the inscriptions we made many years ago...we derive more fun from reminiscing about what we were doing when we gave them to each other. A lot more than spending $10 every holiday that a card is appropriate for.

Until next time

Keep the emails coming, I respond within a day.

It is so encouraging to hear that folks are looking at alternative ways to enjoy retirement...folks like you.

Here is an excerpt of a email I received last week from Australia:

"I have been perusing your site for an hour or so now and I just wanted to write to you and commend (and thank!!) you for such an excellent site. Gee it gets my heart racing and determination pumping to hear of people living the exact life I desire. Early retirement is exactly what my husband and I are working towards now..."

Those kind words keep me going.

If there is any politics...I could cover for you let me know and we will see what we can do to address your concerns.

I am not promising that I will act on all of them...I reject an average of one proposal every other week that I think is inappropriate. They are mostly requests for advertising things on site of dubious value...I turn them, and their money, down if I do not think they will increase value to the readers.

Please support the advertisers I do allow on site...they have passed my sniff test.

All the best...stay frugal.


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