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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #008
January 22, 2010
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #08, January 2010

2010, the start of a new decade

The continued poor economic news makes me think that will continue to be a useful service for folks wanting to retire.

If I don't provide value I expect to hear from you...fair enough?

I get frequent emails from readers who are sharing their experiences, a lot like mine, and feeling there is no way they can retire.

Yes you can just may not be like you first envisioned. We hope to show readers pictures of lifestyles that are not only frugal but fun as well.

Overseas Retirement

I was somewhat surprised when I heard a couple of figures.

Per Money Magazineit seems that 250,000 Americans are moving overseas every year due to the lower costs of living abroad. They say millions more are contemplating moving abroad.

It is not an estimate, but a fact, that the Social Security administration currently sends out checks outside the US to 450,000 retirees.

A lot of folks, one million in Mexico alone, have already made the move overseas. For some I am sure it was not all economics but the slower pace of life found overseas.

Consequently, I have put up pages recently on retiring to Uruguay, a country with a very European feel in South America, and plan to put pages on retiring to Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Another new page is on a Canadian couple who spent three years in their travel trailer in Mexico. After those three years they finally found their spot...Lake Chapala outside Guadalajara, Mexico.

In the area around Lake Chapala resides the largest American/Canadian expat community in the world, about 45,000. If you have to keep hearing English you may want to check it out.

Lake Chapala the Largest Lake in Mexico

Thanks for your stories

Many submissions were received last month for inclusion on site. We need yours. We got tips in the guide to living cheap and folks telling us why their state is the best to retire in. We need lots more and you are encourage to submit.

Here is the main address to send contributions, I will put them it in the appropriate slot.

A few of the submissions last month were:

These submissions should give you an idea of what we are looking especially are encouraged.

Advertising disclosure

A new FTC regulation went into effect December 1. Essentially the FTC are asking website owners to let their readers know more about the relationship they have with on site advertisers.

Here is the address of my disclosure:

All the advertisers on site are listed there and whether or not I use that particular product. I use everything advertised on site except for 2 products...the one on solar power and dental plans (we go to Mexico).

As far as the Google ads placed on the majority of pages, these are not selected by me, but rather by the Google computers. The Google computers sense what is appropriate for each page based on the content of the page. We receive a small commission for each ad clicked on by readers.

Hopefully this is clear as to how we are compensated. Frugal retirement living thanks its advertisers and readers for their support.

In closing

This site is growing every day but I still respond to all emails in 24 hours. We would like to hear from you.

If there is anyone you know that may be interested in the site please forward this newsletter to them...or recommend the site.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve this site and are receptive to topics that you might want to hear about.

I try, I said I try, to stay out of discussing things of a political nothing controversial please.

Five readers have decided they would like to get a website up...thank is where to go. if you are interested in an online business.

Until February...Stay frugal,


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