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Frugal Retiring News, Issue #007
December 22, 2009
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Frugal Retiring News Issue #07, December 2009

Merry Christmas from Frugal Retirement Living

Greetings from frugal retiring news...and a very Merry Christmas to all. You are among over 500 subscribers who have enjoyed the first 6 issues of this ezine. We appreciate your support.

The mugshot above is of the writer and his much better half...the reason we have been able to stay frugally retired for 15 years.

If you missed it she pulled off a shopping deal that was note worthy. Here's the page on site with details.

Like I said it is deals like that which keep us retired. It has always been a game to her...thanks Angel.

As I write this she is off, coupons in hand, to the grocery store and then to volunteer at the local food bank. She looks very stylish in her 3 piece designer outfit...purchased at Goodwill for $3.00. Thursday is dollar day at Goodwill and she is there every Thursday when the doors open at nine. You can do this too.

A startling statistical analysis on retirement age and lifespan

A new page was put up a few weeks ago is eyeopening.

I have seen this study before and have not seen it challenged on line. It seems unbelievable but it points out the primary reason to retire early and not later.

Seems a large aerospace company paid a research PhD, to study the lifespan of retirees after retirement. They were not paying out in retirement pay what the actuarial tables said they should be paying out. A nice problem for the company, but why weren't the retirees living as long as they should.

Seems a early retiree at 50 lived to be 86; a "normal" retiree of 65 lived an average of 18 months or not quite 67.

I do not know about you but it makes me glad I retired early!

This only my opinion, but perhaps the retirees of 50 took another job to supplement their company retirement. With the company retirement pay being a cushion these retirees took jobs related to their interests or hobbies. Salary was not the prime motivator.

If you are happy in what you are doing for a job you are less likely stressed out by the job.

At any rate it is reported for your info...but it does not hurt the case for early retirement.

A health statistic that reinforces early retirement

According to AARP and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention..."80% percent of all persons 65 or over have one chronic medical condition and 50% have two or more medical conditions."

There is another case for retiring early. At least give as much credence to your age and health as portfolio size when retiring.

I wrote an Ezine Article on this subject.Here is the article link.

I currently have 173 articles up on and Am the number 1 writer in retirement and retirement planning, the latter all without giving investing tips...something I am not willing to do.

This site's health

As folks are looking at more and more options for a more frugal retirement...traffic and viewership of this site is steadily increasing. We now are among the 100,000 (92,133)top websites in the USA. Since there are over 100,000,000 sites in the US that is noteworthy.

If you think I am a computer genius...think again. Without the professional guidance of Site Build It there is no way I could have done this.

If you are interested in how I did this, if I can you can too...believe is the new page on how I did it.

Folks ask how they can support the site...simply visit the advertisers on site. Thank you.

Health Insurance Update

Although not final at the time of writing the Senate version, Health Care reform bill does not currently contain a public option. What it does have in it is a requirement for all to have private health insurance.

If you have to have something, as expensive as health insurance is please make sure you do not over pay.

Here is the only way for you to check to see if you are overpaying, without the hassle of a salesperson calling you on the phone will save money

I have used this free service for 9 years now and can not recommend it highly enough for you.

Let me hear from you if you save a bundle on your health insurance.

It pays to switch health insurance companies every 1 to 2 years. Why? Some companies are very aggressive price wise to get you to switch, then raise your rates in a year. Two can play this game...with this easy method of checking what is the best rate, you can stay ahead of the curve.

I wish things worked a little more honestly...but if they do not just be aware of some games the insurance companies play. You can save.

Tell your story

I would encourage you to tell us your personal story of frugal retirement living. It is easy and will give you (if published) your very own web page. You can impress your friends.

There are many subjects to write about just go HERE and pick a subject and start writing. Bragging is acceptable and well tolerated.

By copy to Tom Milton, email me with a mailing address, and I will send you some Christmas cheer. Thanks for sharing.

Let's get the new year started right and spread the word about frugal retirement living.

Year end thoughts

2009 was memorable year, not all positive memories. I pray for those that are among the 10% unemployed...hang in there, better days are ahead.

This site started in 2009 and I hope each of you has picked up a tip that you can use or were encouraged in some small way about frugal retirement. If you did it makes it all worth while.

The true test will come when the economy comes around...and it will come around...if we maintain the frugal habits we have learned in the hard times. Hopefully this will be all of us...once cheap stay cheap!

America remains the greatest country on earth...things will improve...keep on smiling.

Another colorful December sunset from Arizona

In closing, Julie and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. We hope this finds you in good health and frugally retired. Looking forward to a great 2010.

Gary Pierce

Frugal Retiring News

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