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Frugal Retiring News,Christmas special
December 13, 2012

Give a Christmas present to yourself this year

Dear subscribers... this is not a substitution for the normal monthly newsletter that you normally receive, that will be coming out before Christmas.

This is to perhaps give you a head start on your New Year's resolutions...or to give you an incentive to give yourself a present for Christmas.

If you have ever thought about doing what I do... earning passive income through a website... now is the time to do so.

Until Christmas Day, Site Build It is offering their annual two-for-one Christmas special... where you get two SBI sites for the price of one.

The number one reason you should do this now

It seems like a long time, but I started my Site Build It site, right after the 2008 stock market crash... I did the math and realized I had to earn some extra money to stay retired.

I chose to build a website about my passion, informing retirees or potential retirees of the lifestyles that we've enjoyed that require less money to enjoy.

Site Build It has changed so much since I started... the new tools they offer now... make the process about three times easier to get started then I first started

But the number one reason that you should take this offer up right now... is the 90 day money back guarantee that Site Build It offers all new subscribers.

You literally have nothing to lose... besides if you do it right and read the action guide and watch the videos, it takes a long period of time to read, watch and absorb all the information that is available.

That is good news and bad news... the bad news is that it does take a lot of time... the good news is that it is worth it.

In any regard the fact that they will give you your money back within 90 days is unheard of in the Internet industry... if you get a 30 day guarantee that is considered above normal, and getting your money back will still involve a bit of hassle.

Not so with Site Build It... they really mean no questions asked for 90 days... you can't lose.

Take some time to review the following

Here is some information, that you should review, depending on your situation.

This is the general introduction to Site Build It

This page starts the process by explaining what SBI! is then leads you through Case Studies, process, proof that it works

This page explains everything you need to know about a work from home business

For those that discover retirement can mean freedom, enjoyment and extra income!

Why you should do this now

You not only get two sites for the price of one... you still get the 90 day guarantee... but when you see the overwhelming amount of information that is included in this package... you will realize that you have in one place, everything you need to start up a moneymaking online business of your own.

WARNING... this is not a get rich quick scheme, if it were that easy everyone would do it...

Anything worth achieving requires hard work and Site Build It is no exception...

When I started, all I could do on the computer was email... if that's you, this process, if you follow it to a T, will take care of all the technical stuff... don't let a lack of computer knowledge keep you from trying this product.

Talk to you before Christmas

If you have any questions about Site Build It drop me a line

If you would like to see my videos on Site Build It...

Click here

This is the real deal and can help you achieve and maintain the retirement lifestyle that you would like to enjoy.

And by the way, I am going to take advantage of this offer myself and start two more sites...since I know Site Build It works... and because the new tools that are available now will make it so much easier... I won't have access to the new tools for until the first quarter...

So I'm putting my money on the line... and since you have nothing to lose for 90 days... you should too.

All the best,

Gary Pierce

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