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5Frugal Retiring News, Issue 74, June 2015
June 23, 2015

What I hope to be doing in a few weeks is to catch a rainbow trout slightly bigger than this 27 3/4 inch personal best.

At any rate it should be much cooler in central Oregon where I fish, than the 114° were expecting as a high today here in Phoenix.

We made sure he was swimming naturally when we released him.

Practice catch and release fishing and someone else can one day have the thrill of catching such a beautiful fish.

Frugal Living Tip number One

Once again I remind you to not just sit back and take price increases sitting down.

Our DirecTV bill went up five dollars last month and spending 10 minutes on the phone got the price increase rescinded.

How do you do this?

Please review the following pages...

How to complain

How to negotiate

The key to successful complaining and negotiation is to make sure that you are talking to someone, who can say yes.

That person is very rarely the first person that you talk to.

Remember the worst they can do is say No.

D0 I enjoy spending time on the phone talking to bureaucrats?... not in the slightest... But it's worth the time and effort to save money.

Frugal living tip number two

Wondering what to have for dinner?

No, it is not reservstions.

My frugal wife...spends a lot of time on Pinterest.

She gets ideas for recipes, arts and crafts ideas and occasionally a tip or two to save a buck that she was unaware of.

It's not a guy site but I would encourage you or your spouse to check it out.

Frugal living tip number three

Since this is prime vacation time I would encourage you to review the tips on how to save money while traveling.

We practice what we preach and save money every time.

frugal travel in general

Air travel tips.

Good money saving tips.

Travel safety tips.

visit National Parks...Remember if you're over 62, you qualify for the senior pass which is a $10 lifetime cost...

To break up the trip to Sacramento we will be going through Yosemite national Park up to Lake Tahoe before arriving in Lincoln Hills to visit Julie's mother.

make a checklist.

A trip to the mechanic is always wise before heading out...I use Brakemasters, because their mechanics are not paid on commission.

Some observations

You will notice that all of the pages on-site all 400+, look the same It is going to be much easier for me to update the pages and build new ones.

It is easier than ever to get online and monetize whatever your passion might be...I sure wish I had the tools then that I do now when I started this site.

If you use Adblocker, you really are getting a free lunch from this newsletter, The only way I can make money is if you check out the companies that advertise on-site... So please allow ads from frugal retirement living.

Last month I made a mistake in stating that the global entry card was $50 for five years it is $100 for five years but it's still a great bargain.

I cannot believe that this the 75th edition of Frugal Retiring News. Thank you all.

In closing

Please pray for the families struck by tragedy in South Carolina.

Have a safe summer.

God bless,

Gary and Julie

In closing

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