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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 73, April 2015
April 22, 2015

By the time you receive this newsletter we will be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

Our final destination is one of the places on our personal bucket list... The Norwegian fjords.

I remark to several people that I could not believe there could be any prettier meeting of land and water than the inside passage of Alaska... Which we have seen the last three summers.

I was informed by much more veteran cruisers that the Norwegian fjords were indeed prettier.

We will see.

Frugal Living Tip number One

Got several positive responses for saving money using Consumer Cellular... We went from $140 a month to $35 and change for more talk time more data and using the AT&T network...

I think we will find that in the future we will have many more options to save money on cell phone and also on our TV bills.

New technology and loss of business from the major carriers can only mean one thing to you the consumer... Better choices at lower prices.

Stay tuned all try to keep you aware of these and other ways to save money on your monthly budget.

Although I try to personally answer all emails... If you have a specific question please do what I do and use Google to get the contact information of the service that you are trying to investigate and call them up rather than rely on my second and third hand information.

I will try to make you aware of the cost saving opportunities but each situation is different and I hope that you can understand that you need to find out what the effect will be for your particular situation.

It varies from state to state... Some people need a lot of data, I don't... Some people travel international and need to call from other countries so it pays to make sure what is best for your particular situation.

Frugal living tip number two

Speaking of international travel... Make sure that the credit cards that you use does not add a 3% surcharge to all purchases made overseas.

I have several credit cards, primarily to accumulate airline miles, and about half of the cards charged 3% and half don't so make sure that you use the ones that do not charge for international transactions when traveling abroad.

Also make sure that you call the number on the back of your credit card and let them know that you are going to be out of state or out of the country for the periods that you will be gone.

If you do not you may find yourself in a situation where the credit card company starts denying charges because of possible fraud when charges are made a way from your normal billing vicinity.

Frugal living tip number three

When traveling also make sure that your phone is in the airplane mode and use Wi-Fi hotspots in order to download your mail otherwise you will incur data charges that can add up fast.

You would be surprised, especially on cruise ships the people get that get very expensive cell phone bills when they return because they downloaded a software update or something that takes a lot of time when you are away from the friendly confines of your home.

Make it a habit to put your phone on airplane mode before the flight attendants remind you.

Frugal living tip number four

Another traveling tip is to take advantage of the many free apps for your smart phone such as sleep machine which puts out repetitive white noise sounds of crashing surf running water or trains on railroad tracks to block out unwanted background noise on a plane or when you're trying to read a book in the airport for instance.

I never get on the plane without my earphones and my smart phone to use these apps.

Frugal living tip number five

The only magazine that will Julie and I receive at the house is Consumer Reports.

It has no on-site advertising and gives objective evaluations of various products... The online version has all of the issues archived so you can usually find an evaluation for a purchase you are about to make for a specific item.

It is exactly why we switch to Consumer Cellular.. They rated them number one for customer service and satisfaction.

Hence we are now enjoying $100 month saving versus our old service with Verizon... With more talk time and more data... All while using the AT&T network.

In closing

Until next time, stay healthy and stay frugal and love the ones close to you.

God bless you all,

Gary and Julie

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