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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 71, February 2015
February 21, 2015

"10 ways to live frugally" USA Today 2/15

The above article was in our Sunday paper, and maybe yours, last Sunday... It is the USA Today article on retirement.

I would like to examine each of the 10 ways they suggest that you live more frugally.

This article is aimed at retirees and starts off with saying that "more than half of the people in the US with significant savings fear going broke in retirement".

I am far from a millionaire as I suspect most of our readers are but we have nothing to fear... Let's see what we mean.

Here are the 10 tips that they list in order to live frugally in retirement.

Number One "Analyze your living condition"

According to this article housing and home related cost make up 43% of spending for people 65 to 74.

I would refer these people to...This page on frugal living.

It talks a lot about the benefits of downsizing and I find it hard to believe that downsizing should instill fear in anyone.

Why would anyone not take the time to sit down and analyze your current situation before making any type of plan for change?

Number Two "Plan carefully if you are thinking about moving"

How to plan for relocation

This page and the links to it gives you all you need to know as to how to choose a retirement home different from where you are currently living.

Number Three " Check out discounts and freebies"

Here is our page on freebies.

All of these ideas are nothing more than common sense but USA Today seems to feel that we need to be reminded of taking advantage of things that are free or discounted.

Here is our page on coupons.

Because we disagree with the editorial opinions of our local paper we only get the Wednesday and Sunday issues... They are the ones that contain the coupons... you may want to consider cutting back on getting the paper on a daily basis.

NumberFour..."Cut the fat from your food budget"

This suggestion is right in our wheelhouse, as this is our number one suggestion to save money... Improve your health and your relationships all in one simple tip.

Eat at home and save money.

We eat out three times a day when we are on our favorite mode of vacation transportation... Cruising on a boat.

Here is how we do it.

We already have our transatlantic cruise planned for April.

Number Five"Be a savvy grocery shopper"

Favorite ways to save money including grocery shopping

These softball "tips" are no-brainers for subscribers to this newsletter... If your friends don't get it send them a link to this article and perhaps they can find more specific ways to save... They will thank you I would hope.

Number Six..."Plan your meals for the week"

This is just one way that we stretch our food budget.

We also have a crockpot meal every Sunday evening that pretty much takes care of my lunch for the upcoming week.

Again this is not rocket science, but rather common sense.

Number Seven "Look for good deals on entertainment and education"

There is treasure in your newspaper on Wednesday and Sunday take advantage of these coupon deals.

Also many groups put together booklets that you can buy for $15-$25 that have two-for-one deals on restaurant meals Museum admission fees and theater tickets... You can pay for these booklets if you just use them once.

Number Eight "Review your cable bill"

Do not limit this to just your cable bill review everything that you spend on a monthly basis, phone, insurance and so on.

For instance we use Netflix and Amazon prime to watch movies and documentaries at home.

We did make an exception to take some visiting friends to a movie theater to see "American sniper" a few weeks ago.

We went to the matinee and got the senior discount ticket for $5.75 per person.

It was the first time we had been in a theater since Daniel Craig first played James Bond about 8-10 years ago.

Number Nine "Evaluate your automobile costs"

You are talking to someone that drives a 1999 Lexus with 223,000 miles on it but we know that we will be buying a car somewhere down the line follow these few simple tips and you will save a bundle when that time is right for you.

Here is how to avoid a handshake at the car dealership that will cost you thousands.

Lastly tip Number Ten "Consider the strategies for taking Social Security"

Here is our take on the above.

I took mine at 62, we are waiting on Julie's to allowed to grow because we simply don't need the money at this point... Using the tips that you will find on our website we are able to do the things that we want to do on our current income... You can too.

Frugal living tip number one

Having beat up enough on USA Today and their "10 ways to live frugally tips"... Here is one that we recently ran across.

Our house is now 11 years old and we have developed a leak in one of the bathroom faucets.

I called Ace Hardware and talked to the friendly hardware man who told me that to replace the cartridge and the O-rings would cost around $65... He would be glad to take our money.

Then he said since there a Moen product... They have a lifetime guarantee and all I have to do is call them...1_800-289-6636... And there would send the replacement parts for free.

Guess what? It is true and I received the parts yesterday.

Thank you Ace Hardware.

Frugal tip number two

Our Verizon wireless bill is $130 for the bare minimum, senior plan that they offer for two cell phones.

We switched this month to Consumer Cellular... Which uses the AT&T network and our bill is now right at $30 a month with more talk time, 600 minutes a month versus 450, and about the same amount of data which we don't use.

We heard about Consumer Cellular from Consumer Reports... They rated them very high on customer service and after making the transition I would have to agree.

I'm sure we can find ways to spend the extra hundred dollars that we are going to be saving from now on... You may want to check out this service or ones like it.

In closing

We are off tomorrow to see my 95-year-old uncle who is having a birthday.

That is the good news.

The bad news is that we are leaving 80° weather and playing golf in shorts for five days in Branson, Mo where the high will be 40°.

We must be nuts, but we love my uncle.

So stay warm and stay frugal

God bless you all,

Gary and Julie

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