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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 66, September 2014
September 22, 2014
Dear Subscriber

Best weather ever for Alaska

We knew we were taking a chance when we took our Alaska cruise in September... It's still a nice time to be out of the heat of Phoenix but we used to take our summer cruise in August.

Your frugal reporter was not about to pay the prices that they were asking this year in Alaska for the August cruises so we opted for the cheaper cruises in September.

We lucked out with the naturalist saying he had not encountered such clear weather in the 11 years he has been doing the trip.

These mountains rise to heights of 18 to 20,000 feet so obviously being taken from sea level the effect was quite dramatic.

Frugal tip number one

I recently read a news article in which a financial planner actually suggested that people would spend more in retirement than they did while they were working.

I won't quote the source but the logic goes like this. The time that you would normally spend working would be shopping at the mall with the extra time that you have on your hands and would therefore spend more in retirement.

If you need a reminder on who the best financial planner for you would be Click here for answer...That a course assumes that you want to retire.

If this is not you I don't know what you're doing on the site in the first place.

Financial planning is not rocket science... It is mostly common sense.

Frugal living tip number two

If you enjoy a nice bottle of wine with your dinner, you will be surprised at the savings you can experience at your local grocery store.

Don't expect any advice on which bottle to pick, that will be up to you to do on your own.

In return, our local Safeway for instance, will sell in units of six bottles wine at approximately 50% off of their list price.

So when we find a particular sale... Check your Sunday paper for the sales that run through Wednesday... we stock up on our favorites.

Our "vin ordinaire" has been two Buck Chuck, now $2.50 in California, three dollars in Oregon Nevada and Arizona... And it will remain so.

It is nice to have a different wine for special occasions.

If you need expert opinion on picking out wines I find that our local Wine and More stores, have very knowledgeable clerks. Not so much at Bevmo, but prices are low and the selection is far greater than you will have at your local grocery store.


Frugal living tip number three

As I wrote in a few issues back, we have cut our home newspaper delivery to Sundays and Wednesdays only.

We don't want to miss the coupons, and I don't really need to see in print the news we can get on TV.

I also do not miss the political cartoons and editorials written from from a point of view directly opposed to my own.

This is offered as a potential way to save a few bucks... $17 versus $32 a month.

Frugal living tip number four

We also enjoy watching Netflix movies and documentaries through our Blu-ray player.

The hook up is simple and you have available several documentaries, as from the National Geographic channel, with no commercials.

If you do not have a Blu-ray player you can pick one up for less than $100... When were not watching Netflix at nine dollars a month we listen to free music of our choosing on Pandora.

I am sure that there are other services offered through my Blu-ray player that I am not aware of.

You may want to put a Blu-ray player on your Christmas wish list.

Frugal living tip number five

We have not paid for a plane ticket in the last 3 to 4 years...we use our frequent flyer miles... by using credit cards that offer large number of frequent flyer miles if you spend so much money with them the first three months that you have the card.

We've had no problem, canceling these cards, after the miles are posted to our account and getting newer cards with better offers.

We have used for the last two yearsthis website.

We have used his recommendations for the last two years, it's a free site, and have been well pleased with his recommendations.

We also have enjoyed using our new global entry cards... They are hundred dollars apiece for five years.

But it is already nice to go through the TSA PRECHEK lines at domestic airports, keeping your shoes on, not having to take your computer out of your luggage, and it sure speeds up the process of getting through security.

If you are interested in the global entry program...Here is the site to start at.

In closing

Be safe be frugal and be kind to others... Until Next month...

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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