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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 63, August 2014
August 22, 2014
Dear Subscriber

Efficient frugal reading

Above is a picture of the Amazon Paperwhite, which you can buy from them for $119... It's $139 if you don't want any pop-up ads... I have the cheaper version and the pop-ups don't seem to bother me.

Why do I recommend this product so highly?

In the first place, it doesn't take up the room that a stack of books would take on a trip... On my last plane flight I was allowed to keep the unit on during takeoff and landing... Not so for smart phones and laptops.

The Paperwhite is readable in any lighting condition... Bright sunshine, or in bed with the lights off... Not so my old Kindle fire.

Of course free is always the best price...So use your local library and borrow books, for free...yes, most now have electronic versions for your use.

I have used my unit for several months and had no issues with it so I give it two thumbs up as a frugal solution for those avid readers out there.

Frugal tip number one

It seems that every day there are articles on television in the newspaper or online that talk about the problems of people not having enough money to retire.

In all cases, no one talks about spending less, which is the mantra of this site... But always has a financial advisor who has all the answers of how you can make more money and increase the size of your nest egg.

Remember that the financial services company spend billions and billions on advertising with the media.

They all have one thing in common as well... Their products are the only answer for you to reach financial freedom.

I know that you readers understand how backwards this is and spend less rather than try to make more money... Please share this site With any of your friends who feel they can afford to retire .

Frugal living tip number two

Speaking of newspapers, because of a recent price increase we now only take the paper on Wednesday and Sundays... Instead of on a daily basis.

Why only Wednesdays and Sundays?... You should know the answer already... that's where the coupons are.

here is the scoop on using coupons

Frugal living tip number three

A few months ago I recommended cutting expenses by buying a device that would replace your phone company.

I purchased a Ooma from Amazon for $129 and now my monthly phone bill is $3.98... There is still no way to avoid local taxes on phone service.

So in about six months I should have my investment back and enjoy savings of around $15 a month.

That is the good news, the bad news is that I would rate the Ooma service no better than a C+.

I have had to call their customer service line about three times... And have learned to unplug the unit to reset it to solve the problems that seem to pop up.

I report this to you if you have been considering switching to all cell phones or a device like mine, Magic Jack, etc.

You will save moneyand hopefully technology will improve to where the units will become more reliable in the future.

Frugal living tip number four

My frugal wife ...has had several good shopping days buying winter coats and blankets during her weekly trips to Goodwill.

Imagine that, good prices on winter clothing when it's 105° outside.

Use these last days of summer to take advantage of such bargains because they will be needed by the homeless and needy, that exist in every community, as it gets colder.

Remember you should be using your frugal living skills not only for your family but to help others... So keep an eye out for bargains that are way out of season.

In closing

Be safe in your travels and hug the ones that you love.

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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