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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 58, March 2014
March 22, 2014

Spring is here

Yesterday was the first day of spring so here's a picture of a cactus in our front yard and that blooms just once a year and yesterday was the day.

I hope that you folks have survived the winter... Or I hope winter has left you by now.

I am not going to say what type of winter Arizona had... It's crowded enough already.

Seriously as bad as the rest of the country's weather was our weather was simply spectacular.

Frugal tip number one

I was sorely tempted to put out a special edition of this newsletter to remind everyone that they faced a fine if they did not have health insurance by April 1.

Since that deadline or mandate has been delayed or whatever it would've not been newsworthy of a special edition.

This is what I use for health insurance and you should too.

I cannot understand why getting car insurance and home insurance cannot be as simple as health insurance... I switched both as I mentioned in the last newsletter.

The process was not as seamless or time-saving as getting health insurance quotes are.

I didn't get off to a real good start with my health insurance when I got a cancellation notice a few days ago.

Seems my mortgage holder sent the check to the wrong address... But a phone call got that all straightened out.

I would rather take a whipping and spend time on the phone dealing with problems like this... Sometimes they cannot be avoided.

At any rate here is my choice for getting the best deal in car insurance online Esurance.

Frugal living tip number two

I recently got a new laptop computer.... From And after pulling my hair out for a while trying to comprehend Windows 8, I discovered a simple solution that only cost a few dollars to put back the familiar start screen on the Windows 8 interface.

Here is how to retrieve your sanity.

I also recommend a program that I put on called c cleaner... You can get it online.

I am not yet used to my new computer because as most newer computers do they do not have a DVD drive so if you have some software that you have a DVD disc for you will face some challenges.

When I have computer problems like this it just reinforces my decision to use Site Build It... For all of my technical website issues... I would definitely be lost without it.

And oh how I wish that the new software they have available for building webpages now was available why started in 2009.

You can check it out here Thank you SBI.

Frugal living tip number three

I am asked many times what my most popular webpages are, by checking traffic stats these are the ones that generate the most page views.... Might be a good time to review the basics of saving money.

The lead page on frugality that leads to many many many others

Everyone is interested on saving money when they travel here's how we do it .

For financial planning Here is a favorite

This states our philosophy about retirement planning in general It works for us.

Please do not forget others when you are out shopping frugally.

Here is a stack of clothes, some brand-new, that Julie picked up for eight dollars at Goodwill... none of them are for us... You can always find needy charities that need clothes.

Whether it be your church, like we do including food bought at rock-bottom prices, the YMCAs, homeless shelters, service clubs all have a need for donated clothes and food.

Do your part to help others by not wasting money.

Frugal living tip number four

Since it's springtime we look forward to taking another transatlantic cruise... The bucket list is getting shorter.

We booked a cruise on Princess for 14 days for $699 a person, we use frequent flyer miles to fly to Fort Lauderdale and frequent flyer miles to fly back... Probably from Paris this time.

We are fans of Princess cruise lines Here is our page on Princess.

We have earned lots of perks with Princess and we pretty much stick with them.

You can do a lot better pricewise with other cruise lines on this website...Vacations to go, we recommend it highly.

That is the first place we check for low prices.

In closing

Well that's all for now folks... Please stay safe and healthy and frugal.

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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