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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 54special, November 2013
November 27, 2013

Warning on rising health care costs

Dear readers,

I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I did not point out what I just found out concerning Julie's health insurance.

She is presently 61 and is not on Medicare as I am... I actually got lower co-pays by switching my Medicare Advantage plan.

Not so with hers...This applies to everyone under 65.

If you would please go to my page on insurance...

Here is the link

The numbers will be different for everyone depending upon your ZIP Code but I wanted to show you the difference of the policy that Julie will have until the end of 2014 versus applying for a policy in 2014...

2014 will be here in five weeks... Time is running out.

It is simply shocking

She has a plan with a $10,000 deductible that costs $162 a month, it is offered by Blue Cross...up from $136 this year.

Note at the top of the page it has a button for 2013 and 2014... I would strongly suggest you compare the figures for 2013 and 2014... No one will call you... You don't have to give your phone number.

The cheapest policy that Julie can buy if she applied in 2014 would be $485.92 per month also offered by Blue Cross (Bronze Level), the deductible would be $6000 and each office visit would cost $40.

I seriously doubt we will need maternity care or substance abuse care but it's in the new policies whether you want them or not. Compare getting a policy good to the end of the year for $162 versus paying $486 a month.

Remember if you are not eligible for subsidies there is no sense waiting for the website to start working.

If I were you I would not wait any longer and take a look at the difference of what you pay for health insurance right now and what you'll pay if you apply in 2014.

Maybe this dramatic increase (exactly triple in Julie's case) is specific to Arizona...but I would check if I were you... It only takes a minute.

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news... Happy Thanksgiving.


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