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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 50, July 2013
July 23, 2013

Issue number 50 of Frugal Retiring News

It is hard to believe that this is issue number 50 of Frugal Retiring News... It's been a long time since the first one came out on 30 May in 2009.

Thanks for your continued support of Frugal retirement living.

If you picked up some tips along the way... the best favor you could do for me would be to forward this newsletter to your mailing list, Google Plus list, Facebook, or a link to your Twitter friends...

Then more people could start saving, and planning more sensibly for retirement.

I would certainly appreciate you doing so.

It is important for us to remember and take time and smell the flowers and not be so caught up in the daily rush of things.

This picture was taken along the rugged northwest coast of Italy that we visited in May.

Here is the page I put up on site concerning that area... Cinque Terre,Italy

Frugal tip number one

Call me repetitive...but you'll be kicking yourself if you wait to refinance your home or perhaps, if you are both over 62, to consider a reverse mortgage.

This also applies to folks that are underwater... The mortgage balance being more than the appraised value of your home.

Home mortgage rates have been so low for so long that you may have put off refinancing your home... please wait no longer.

click here or go to any page@

In the upper left-hand corner right above my mission statement you can click and be directed to Lending Tree and get five companies competing for your refinancing choose what's best for you.

Please don't put this off.

Frugal tip number two

If you have not already taken your summer vacation, be prepared for some high gas prices.

We just got back from our annual road trip to California...

Here are a few ways that you can save on gas ...

1)First make sure, that you have taken your car to your favorite mechanic for a pre trip check... Make sure all your fluid levels are correct, proper tire inflation... You do not want to be on the side of the road in 100° plus temperatures.

2) Plan your stops for gas wherever possible... Have you ever noticed that there are usually big truck stops right before you get to a high gas prices state such as California? Why pay $4.25 a gallon in California, when you can pay $3.49 a gallon in Arizona?

3) You can use apps for your smart phone, Gas Buddy, is a good one... But we find yourself stopping at truck stops more than a regular gas station... Why? Because they pump a tremendous volume of fuel, greater volume translates into lower prices.

Here are some pages to check out for money-saving travel trips

Frugal vacation tips

Car tips

Free ideas

Baby boomer travel

Here is the official site for AAA should look into being a member, for flat tire assistance, battery jumps, towing, and discounts on hotel rooms.

Frugal tip number three

Ask for discounts... All they can do is say no.

Many businesses offer free senior discounts, but you have to ask, we have received lower prices on such things as coffee, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc.

My favorite is the senior pass for national parks, $10 for a lifetime pass, for anyone over 62...get one at the park and save a $10 processing fee by mail.

The official national Park pass site

I ask for senior discounts even in Arizona... I get a few, "you have got to be kidding" responses... But I ask anyway.

Frugal tip number four

Make and work on your bucket list of places you'd like to see...this picture of Julie shows us on a narrow trail in the Cinque Terre Park in northwest Italy.

There is going to come the day, that we will not be physically able to take such a walk and enjoy the scenery.

our story on why we retired early

If you need further encouragement... Here is another page on"cheap living"

Pages on our recent trip to Europe...

Frugal Europe

Italy by train

Frugal Pompeii

You will see a lot of familiar tips, but hopefully some new ones that you can apply to any area that you vacation.

We were especially surprised by how much we could save by renting an apartment in Rome, far from downtown, in the suburbs, but close to the Metro... we had access to local grocery stores, and the Metro took us rapidly and safely to all the places we wanted to see... from St. Peter's, to the Coliseum, the Trevi fountain... yes we threw a coin over our left shoulder.

In closing

Julie and I live about 80 miles as a crow flies from the site of the Yarnell,Arizona fire disaster that claimed 19 young lives.

Take this opportunity, to thank your police, fire department, and service personnel that keep us safer.

Hug those folks that are dear to you...

Keep on being frugal, save those bucks, and watch your bucket list get smaller.

Until next time...

All the best,

Gary and Julie

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