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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 46 , March 2013
March 22, 2013

Let's get outside

Here's frugal tip number one...Hiking, once you purchase some sturdy hiking boots, is a great way for folks to get their exercise without spending a lot of money.

Here is your intrepid reporter and his hike leader from March 19... This lovely lady Nancy is 70 years old, and absolutely walked my rear into the ground.

We thought the hike that we were going on was 4.3 miles... wrong 4.3 was the degree of difficulty out of 5.0 been the toughest... it was 11 miles long with a vertical climb of 1400 feet.

If I look whipped, it is because I am...

I point this out to prove to you that getting regular exercise is a wonderful way to stay away from the doctor... and Dr. bills... and that you're never too old to get into shape.

Nancy, 70 years young, is living proof of the value of regular exercise... this also points out one of the many opportunities you have by retiring in an active retirement community.

Article published in Local Paper...

Got a lot of positive comments about this article, if you missed it in last months newsletter here it is again...

Last Sunday's Arizona Republic newspaper contained this article that I wrote on how to save money when cruising to Hawaii.

Click here to see article...

If you're going to Hawaii, this has some very good money-saving tips... primarily as alternatives to the very expensive shore excursions pushed by the cruise lines.

Frugal tip number two...poor retirement planning

Here's a page I put up yesterday, that points out that the majority of baby boomers have saved less than $25,000, not including their home equity if they have any... for retirement.

Here is the article

I sincerely hope that you do not find yourself in this category... but the purpose of this site is to point out lower cost retirement lifestyles that you can enjoy.

My philosophy has always been, it is better to retire than to continue working...

Please share this with anyone that you know that is thinking they do not have enough money to retire.

Some of the scenery, from our hike this week... note the many saguaro cacti, that we have here in Arizona... at least until you get about 3800 feet in elevation... they do not grow above that height.

Frugal tip of the month number three...reminders

Remember you can help protect yourself from identity theft by availing yourself of this free service

get your free credit report here

This is not a scam of any kind and you can do it for free every four months.

it is not too late to refinance and save .

Interest rates are still very low and the page on site above will get you started... there is no easier way for you to reduce your monthly budget than refinance.

It may take a frustrating day of dealing with underwriting requirements... you will think common sense is not in their vocabulary... but it is worth it.

Julie and I have refinanced four times in the last two years saving several hundred dollars a month, compared to our original mortgage.

If you are under 65, here is a painless way to check and see if you can save on health insurance.

Here's less than two minutes you can have 100 quotes all without giving up your phone number.

Unfortunately, if you are over 65 you have to go through an insurance agent... the government evidently thinks we are too stupid to make intelligent decisions for ourselves once we turn 65.

If you can't tell, this irritates me a great deal, but I use the service myself for the last 10 years... and will continue for Julie's insurance until she turned 65.

Frugal Tip of the month number four

Here is an actual budget for ex-pats living in Nicaragua... the same monthly expenditures apply to Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, and Costa Rica for instance.

This is a quote from a recent issue of International Living magazine, which I subscribe to myself...

" ex-pats in Nicaragua enjoyed first world comforts at developing world prices. many live comfortably on $1200 a month for a couple rent included... spend $2000 and you're living in high style.

A month of groceries for a couple runs under $300 including vegetables that cost a fraction of what you'd pay in the states.

Eating out is cheap to. lobster dinners: $10. Local restaurants three dollars for a complete meal of rice beans and chicken, fish, or beef... beer at a restaurant one dollar.

Rent for a small apartment is $300-$500 fully furnished; a family size home run $700. utility bills $30-$50 for electric and water, $25 for high-speed Internet. haircuts five dollars... hour-long massage $22 in town taxi fare $1-$2."

If living overseas has any appeal to you at all, this magazine contains the latest information on a multitude of countries.

Frugal Tip of the month number five

In order to reduce our vacation costs we have registered with a house sitting service...We have done this for several years and are trying to see if this can reduce our housing costs for vacations.

Here is the link

Here is what our profile looks like on Facebook... our profile

So if you folks out there are looking for a responsible couple to watch your digs while you are out exploring give us a buzz through house carers or through the site.

We have six letters of reference and a police check...

contact us link on site

You just never know what will turn up.

In closing

Ever see a wild cucumber? That's what they look like in Arizona, we saw that on our hike Tuesday... looks like a bear to peel.

Until next time stay healthy and stay frugal,

Gary and Julie

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