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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 45 , February 2013
February 22, 2013

I am ready for about you?

This is been the coldest month in Arizona for the last 35 years... according to the old-timers in the lived here that long.

If you noticed the Accenture golf tournament played in Tucson was canceled, two days ago because of snow... Tucson has an elevation of 3000 feet Phoenix is about 1000.

Here is a picture of a hike that my wife and I went on the same day... no snow.

So frugal tip of the month number one... weather permitting get out and get some exercise by taking a hike and enjoying the creation.

This was my first hike with the Sun City Grand hiking club...very, very organized...they used walkie-talkies, from the hike leader to the rear, had a medical person on the hike, so it won't be my last hike.

Article published in Local Paper

Last Sunday's Arizona Republic newspaper contained this article that I wrote on how to save money when cruising to Hawaii.

Click here to see article...

If you're going to Hawaii, this has some very good money-saving tips... primarily as alternatives to the very expensive shore excursions pushed by the cruise lines.

Frugal tip number two...greeting cards

For the old-timers, this is old hat but for those of you that have just started reading make it a habit to start saving your greeting cards..., anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthdays etc.

Here is the new page I put up for Valentine's Day

Frugal tip of the month number three...frugal or cheap?

What is the difference between being frugal and cheap? I put up a new page to explain that there are certain areas where you should not skimp on... being cheap is not smart sometimes.

Here is the page I'm referring to

The "smart" cars make me cringe when I see one on the freeway... not buying the very best mattress that you can afford is another item that you should not skimp on... one third of your life is spent in bed...make sure your mattress is the best you can buy.

Frugal Tip of the month number four

I do not understand what is happening to the price of the gasoline... three weeks ago we were paying $2.99, now the best we can do at Costco, no less, is $3.52 a gallon.

So review the tips given on this page...

Here is the link

Avoiding unnecessary shopping trips is going to be crucial as gas always seems to go up even higher in the summertime.

Frugal Tip of the month number five

While were on the subject of driving, here is another great way to save by keeping your car as long as possible.

Our 1999 Lexus now has 203,000 miles on it, true we are starting to spend money on maintenance items such as new rack and pinion steering, new struts... but compare that to a car payment and now very little depreciation each year, and it makes sense to keep a car as long as you can.

Here is the link for more information

Frugal tip of the month number six

I know this is repetitive but interest rates are still below 3 1/2% for a 30 year fixed mortgage... it is a hassle, to go through all the hoops the underwriters make you go through...but that there is probably nothing else that you can do to reduce your monthly outgo than by refinancing.

Do not put this off.

Here is the info on how to proceed .

We have refinanced four 2 1/2 years... this is a no-brainer folks.

Frugal Tips of the and eight

We recently went to the grocery store and complained to the manager about the poor quality of a beef tenderloin that we had purchased in the week prior... he promptly refunded our entire purchase.

Do not be afraid to complain or negotiate... if you don't know how to complain or negotiate here is some help that will get you started...

Here is how to complain properly

Here is how to negotiate effectively

The downside to properly complaining or negotiating is getting a no... it never hurts to ask... remember no one cares more about your family than you do, every penny that you save will benefit them.

Many people are afraid to complain or negotiate, if it's because you don't know how... apply the principles in the two pages above.

In closing

Today was my favorite uncle's 93rd birthday...still lives by himself, still drives and can remember dates and occasions much better than I can... so happy birthday Uncle Bud.

Spring training starts March 1... to hopefully it will be a lot warmer when I write the March newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support of The site...and if you enjoy the advice please share it with your friends and family.

Until next time stay healthy and stay frugal,

Gary and Julie

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