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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 44 , January 2013
January 24, 2013

You cannot beat free

Hail Caeser...Hail yes if it is free.

Last Thursday some church friends of ours called and said that they both had pneumonia and were going to lose a timeshare week in Las Vegas... Would we be interested in taking their place?

We debated a few seconds and said yes... since it was free.

We were quickly on the road... it's four hours, about 240 miles...

One of the reasons that we can take advantage of situations like this is our pack list that enables us to act quickly...

So here is your frugal tip number one... our pack should come up with your own... but feel free to use ours as a guide.

our pack list, in PDF format

How can Las Vegas be frugal?

We never gamble, buy lottery tickets, etc.... it just does not fit into the basic tenets of frugal retirement living...

We visited the casinos, did some people watching, but did not contribute to the bottom line of any of those establishments.

Did not see a lot of happy people either...

Here is a link listing things that you can do for free in Las Vegas ...

We brought our own food from home so nothing was spent in restaurants... Las Vegas used to be a pretty good deal, I'm talking 25 years ago... where the buffets were great and reasonably mas...

It was a good time and pleasant four night getaway...all made possible by a pack list and following our

number one frugal tip .

Frugal tip number two...get this free app

Since we left in a hurry, we did not have a full tank of gas and were forced to buy gas in the lovely burg of Wikieup, Arizona.

There are only two gas stations in town... but using my free Gas Buddy app... get it here free... I found the Shell station was selling regular for $3.99 a gallon... the trading post, was selling regular for $3.09 a gallon... I am not making this up.

So we started the trip by saving $15 by using this free app for your smart phone.

Frugal tip of the month number three

I am a subscriber and big fan of Consumer Reports magazine... I got two great tips that I would like to share with you.

First, check your credit report for free

81% of Americans do not do this... it is absolutely free... is not a scam of any kind...

Read the page, and do what I'm doing to reduce the chances of identity theft.

Frugal Tip of the month number four

The next tip that I got from the above magazine... is a website called missing .

Again this is not a scam...

I entered my mother's name, she passed in 1998, and was surprised to get five hits... I knew it was her because it listed our old address.

I filled out some forms, and have started the process, which will probably take months... but it is going to be worth my while to claim some old stocks and dividends, belonging to her... now belonging to me.

You have nothing to lose... let me know if you received a pleasant surprise like I did.

Frugal Tip of the month number five

I am also a big fan of cannot beat their return policy.

here is the page on site

While in Las Vegas the GPS in our car gave up the ghost... I located the nearest Costco...and brought in the old unit.

They were able to look up when (August last year) and where(Bend, Oregon) I purchased the GPS and what I paid for it($229)... no receipt necessary.

It took less than five minutes to get a refund of $229... with technology changing so fast... I went in the store and got a slightly smaller GPS for $139...

If you are not a member of Costco I would strongly suggest you look into a membership... because of their return policy we tend to do the vast majority of our shopping with them.

Frugal tip of the month number six

Home mortgage interest rates have increased in the last month... they are still very low... and if you have not done so, do not put this off any longer...

Here is the info on how to proceed .

We have refinanced four 2 1/2 years... this is a no-brainer folks.

New pages on site

I have been updating a lot of pages on site lately... there are 335 pages up as we speak.

Here are a few...

saving time, resources and money

a cheap burglar alarm ... got some great response on this one.

sailboat cruising lifestyle ... the most popular pages on site, most if not all have been updated.

Last month's newsletter

I received several responses, for the most part positive and well thought out on subjects raised in the letter... and for that fact I am very grateful.

One reader in particular took issue with my retelling an opinion expressed on national healthcare in Canada by a Canadian doctor... the Canadian health care system is working fine for this reader, and that's great... I'm not holding my breath for similar results when the " affordable" healthcare act goes into effect here in the US... think Amtrak and the Postal Service.

One reader however, called me an idiot and warmonger for putting a picture of the USS Arizona Memorial on the newsletter... I will let you guess what I thought of that response and the writer... lots of brave men and women have shed their blood and given their lives... so that this gentleman has the freedom to express his thoughts, however unappreciative of their sacrifice he may be...

I still welcome your comments and hope that you find a welcome alternative to the retirement advice given online by the large financial companies... that are trying to convince you that their company and products are what you ought to buy.

If you enjoy this newsletter please pass it along to your friends and spread the word about

All the best for now,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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