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Frugal Retiring News, Issue 42, November 2012
November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from Julie and I… Let’s hope that you will enjoy the holidays in good health and in the company of good friends and family.

Turkey and football… And perhaps a nap in the recliner… Makes for a perfect day in my opinion.

Frugal tip for the month...number one

I put up a new page… shop online … Which points out the fact that more states are going to start collecting taxes on Amazon purchases... Eight states do this already, my home state of Arizona is going to start doing it in 2013...

So if you enjoy the convenience of shopping online remember it’s not going to last forever… You’ll be paying sales tax just like people that go to the stores for Christmas shopping.

There is nothing wrong with going out and battling the traffic and the crowds for your Christmas shopping… But for me saving time, saving gas, and most of all saving money is more important…

Whichever method you prefer enjoy the process...just be frugal.

Frugal tip for the month...number two

I put up two new pages... how to complain, and one on how to negotiate…

how to complain

how to negotiate

I would suggest that you review each one of them, they are similar in some respects.

The biggest difference being is that you are complaining after the fact… Negotiating before the money has left your wallet.

I know that some are embarrassed to negotiate, thinking it is a process to be avoided… If you are one of those people… Here’s a way to get over your fear of negotiating and/or complaining.

Always keep a picture of your family, either in front of you... in your wallet.. or pictured in your mind... when you start the negotiation or complaining process.

The money that you will save, and you will save money, will go to benefit your loved ones.

When I had a ”real job” I always kept a picture of Julie right next to my phone… It kept me focused on what was really important, and doing the very best that I could do.

It meant that I could do more for her.

Sounds simple and it is... your family comes before all others on earth.

Frugal tip for the month... number three

The timeframe for changing your Medicare plan for 2013 ends on December 7… If you are contemplating making changes to your plan is you must do it before then.

I have always felt that it makes sense to change companies every two or three years …

It seems that companies intice you to change companies with low introductory rates… This may work to your advantage and enable you to save some money…

This is not a hard and fast rule, for instance, I have stuck with the AARP Hartford car insurance program for over nine years… I have never found a better price.

Updated introduction video

If the video does not show in your browser... here is the link

new introduction video

Frugal Tip of the month... number four

Another new page that I put up extol the virtues of combining service plans.

combining service plans and saving money

You’ll see TV advertisements offering savings when you combine insurance products…

In my case I bundled my home phone, and my Internet connection along with my cell phone and satellite TV plan... which was affiliated with the phone and Internet company.

When you read the will see that I was able to save $45 a month by bundling services.

Incidentally, my satellite TV company knocked $10 a month off my plan, just because I asked for a reduction in my monthly rate….

No fewer channels, no changes whatsoever… They took $10 a month off my bill simply because I asked.

I learned a long time ago, in salesmanship 101, to always remember to ask for the order…

Or in this case ask for the savings… All they can do is say no.

Here is a tip... when the first person at any service provider company, answers the phone, ask to be transferred to the customer retention department because you feel your bill is too high... that will save some time on the phone and get you to someone that can actually save you money.

Frugal Tip of the month... number five

Julie noticed that her medical insurance, she is 60 years old and not yet eligible for Medicare, went up around 80 bucks a month.

As we have done for the last nine years.. We went to the company listed on how to get cheap health insurance

we found out by ourselves that the same company offered almost an exact policy to what she has but for only an additional $17 a month.

A few minutes on the phone and we saved $63 a month.

Again, if you don't ask for savings no one's going to give it to you.

Frugal Tip of the month... number six

Julie and I refinanced our home for the fourth time in 30 months, signing the papers on November 7…

When we bought our house in 2004 the interest rate was 6 3/8% for a 30 year fixed mortgage… We now have a 30 year fixed mortgage for 3 1/2%.

All with no closing costs.

Here is how to start the process... Please don’t let this opportunity for the lowest rates in decades to pass you by.

Here is the page on site that you can go to to check your savings

The underwriting process can only be described as mindnumbing and frustrating… I felt my intelligence was being insulted on a daily basis throughout the process

So I am not going to sugarcoat the difficulties in going through the process but it is still one of the most cost-effective ways that you can reduce your monthly budget.

Some articles I recently published

I received a very nice boost to my website traffic and was very pleased to find out that I was mentioned in a Fox business article...

Julie and I in St. Croix

Here is the link to my e-zine article home page

Articles by Gary Pierce

Closing thoughts

We again wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and we hope this newsletter find you healthy and staying frugal... and by all means if you enjoy this newsletter please forward it to your friends.

Until next time

All the best,

Gary and Julie Pierce

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